Choose the Right Replacement Tracks

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Replacement Rubber Tracks

Choosing replacement rubber tracks for excavators and skid steers is important. It helps to consider details such as the configuration, rubber compound, the pitch, and more to choose the right tracks for your equipment. As a leading distributor of excavator tracks and skid steer rubber tracks, we have put together a list of few frequently asked questions to help you.

FAQs About Buying Tracks for Your Equipment

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you enhance the life of your CTL rubber tracks:

What Track Size or Number Should I Buy?

The details regarding the track number or size are generally stamped on the inside of every rubber track. It is universal information that usually applies to most products. However, suppliers may have differently numbered products, which is why it helps to ask them about track compatibility with your machine. Thus, the ideal way to buy tracks is to ensure that they are in proper alignment with your skid steer or excavator.

What Should I Do If I Do Not Have the Track Details?

If you do not have the details about the track number or size and you do not know how to check the information, you can still buy the right products. Experienced suppliers have knowledge about such aspects. They can help you get the right tracks for your equipment if you can provide information about the brand and model.

Are There Any Exceptions?

Although in most cases, your supplier can help you choose the right product, there are a few exceptions. With some machine models, you need to be specific about the track details. For example:

  • CAT 305 Excavators use 84 link rubber tracks
  • CAT 303C Excavators are usually equipped with 90 link rubber tracks

In such instances, it is possible to choose the wrong track without the proper information about their size. It helps to get a closer look at the compliance plate on your equipment. It has all the details about the machine model number.

How Many Replacement Tracks Should I Buy?

Although it seems to be an obvious question, most customers are not aware of whether they should replace all the tracks at once or separately. The answer depends on the performance and condition of your machine and the rubber tracks. It is wise to buy replacement tracks for skid steers and excavators if you find any indications of wear and tear on them.

We Can Help You Choose the Right Replacement Tracks

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Replacement Rubber Tracks

At Tag Equipment, we carry a wide range of skid steer rubber tracks and excavator tracks for all makes and models. We deal with many major manufacturers such as CAT, Bobcat, CASE, John Deere, Kubota, New Holland, Komatsu, and Gehl. We have experts who can understand your needs and offer reliable advice. We have the expertise and knowledge to help you choose the right products for your equipment.

If you have any questions about choosing replacement rubber tracks for your machine, reach out to our experts by calling 416-716-5850. You could also fill out our online form for more information. We will be glad to help you.