Tips to Enhance Your Skid Steer Tire Performance

12 Tips to Improve the Performance of Your Skid Steer Tires

Whether you’re removing debris, moving materials on the construction site, pushing manure on agricultural lands, or working with waste, skid steers are ideal for several applications across industries. Since tires are one of the essential components and main operating expenses for the equipment, in addition to fuel, it helps to use them effectively. Read on to learn how to enhance the life of your skid steer tires that can help cut costs and increase profits.

12 Important Tips to Enhance Your Skid Steer Tires’ Life

Keep the Tires Clean

It is common to miss identifying potential tire problems when your compact equipment’s tires have mud, concrete dust, or dirt on them. Keeping the tires clean will help you spot tears, cracks, bumps, and bulges and remove any debris wedged in the tread before it causes irreversible damage.

Inspect the Skid Steer Tires Regularly

Depending on the application and operation, one set of tires on a skid steer or one side may wear faster than the other. Whether you equip your machine with solid or flat-proof tires, it is wise to check for deformities on them and inspect the tread for uneven wear. Regular inspection also facilitates proper usage and extends the life of all four tires.

Consider Your Application

Although you have many tire choices, it is essential to choose the right ones for your purpose. Here are a few things you should consider:

  • Solid tires offer puncture-proof performance and are perfect for working on demolition sites and scrapyards.
  • Radial tires have flexible sidewalls and heat-dissipating belts, making them ideal for projects that require operating on longer distances.
  • If you want to work on highly abrasive pavements, the skid steer tires should be wear-resistant, which is why a massive block tread is a good choice for longer service life.
  • Tires with a deep tread are great for working on wet ground conditions.

Ensure Proper and Safe Usage

Incorrect operation is one of the main reasons for wear in skid steer tires. Proper training and machine operation, including using the correct amount of throttle, limiting spinning the tires, and keeping all the tires on the ground, can help enhance the skid steer tire life.

Diligent Driving

Although skid steers are ideal for working in harsh environments, awareness is essential to ensure optimal performance. In addition to being vigilant when managing a skid steer, the operator should also be mindful of the ground conditions. It helps to use suitable tires for different applications to get the best results without punctures and expensive downtime.

Protect the Rims

When buying tires for skid steers, be sure to look for the ones having in-built rim protectors. Doing so will help you avoid replacing the rims frequently and prevent the downtime associated with unnecessary, expensive maintenance.

Pay Attention to Tire Pressure

Underinflation in pneumatic tires increases the stress, builds excess heat, reduces fuel efficiency, and speeds wear. Whereas overinflated tires are more likely to puncture or blow out. To cut down on tire costs, be sure to check your tire pressure regularly.

Reduce Counterweights

Bolt-on counterweights are critical to increasing a skid steer’s capacity in handling heavy loads. However, they are an unnecessary weight on the machine when you no longer need them. They lead to faster wear, increasing the replacement cost. To avoid this, do not overload the skid steer and keep track of the weight you put on it.

Replace the Skid Steer Tires When Necessary

It is best to avoid using tires that show signs of damage, such as ripped-off treads, missing chunks, and deep cracks. This is because the downtime caused by stretching the tires for maximum utilization may cost you more than replacing them when you can schedule a suitable switch time.

Keep the Tires on Your Skid Steer Consistent

Mixing and matching the tires on your skid steers is an inefficient strategy that can damage the tires and wear out the equipment itself. Consider uniformity when replacing the tires to ensure the best performance.

Store the Tires Properly

Constant exposure to sunlight and extreme environments can cause tires to expand and crack. If you do not plan to use them on a machine, be sure to store the skid steer tires in a dry, cool place. This way, they will be ready when needed.

Choose Reliable Suppliers

Many distributors claim to offer the most durable and versatile skid steer tires. However, it is wise to check their experience and reputation before buying from them. Ask them about application-specific skid steer tires and consider the cost of ownership in the industry. Work with them closely and discuss your requirements to find the optimum tire for your compact equipment, project needs, job site conditions, and budget.

Get High-Grade Tires for Skid Steers of All Makes & Models

High-Grade Tires for Skid Steers

Tag Equipment offers a wide range of skid steers in Ontario, including solid tires, flat-proof tires, and no air tires. Our inventory includes high-quality products to ensure optimal performance and a smooth, safe ride.

Our Selection of Skid Steer Tires

Pneumatic Tires

  • Galaxy
    We offer Beefy Baby II and Hulk L-4/L-5 tires for skid steers in many sizes. They have a unique tread pattern, provide extraordinary service hours, and reduce downtime due to punctures and cuts.
  • Primex
    We carry BossGrip R-4 and Bossman Grip Steel II in different sizes to suit varied needs. They are heavy-duty tires resistant to cuts and abrasions.
  • Camso
    Our products include Camso SKS 532, SKS 753, and SKS 775 for durability and versatility. These pneumatic tires are ideal for severe duty applications.

Solid Tires for Skid Steers

  • Traxter
    If you want extreme-duty solid tires for skid steers, we provide Traxter HD. We also feature Traxter R4 and SM, in addition to the HD for smaller skid steers.
  • Camso
    We carry Camso SKS 782S and SKS 792S for off-road works on skid steers.

For more information about our skid steer tires, give us a call at 416-716-5850. We’ll be happy to guide you and ensure you find tires that are the best fit for your machine.