Mini Excavator

Tag Equipment carries a wide range of mini excavator tracks to help our customers tackle challenging excavation jobs with ease. We offer excellent options that are designed to deliver improved traction and durability and ensure a smooth ride. Our products will help you get more out of your equipment, allow more efficient and economical operation, and enhance operator comfort.

Benefits of Our Mini Excavator Rubber Tracks

If you’re looking at options to replace old, worn-out rubber tracks, we have many mini excavator tracks. We offer:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality at aftermarket prices
  • Superior traction and durability
  • Improved stability and greater pushing power
  • Specialized tread patterns to suit different working conditions and terrains
  • Prolonged undercarriage life
  • A smoother ride and superior operator comfort
  • Best non-prorated warranty
  • Canada wide shipping
Mini Excavator Tracks for Sale Canada
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Predictable service life and performance.
The best mini-excavator solution for heavy-duty applications. Designed to provide superior life as well as resistance against damage and catastrophic failure for a long and predictable service life.

Best Mini Excavator
Mini Track Excavator



Extreme resistance to severe conditions.
A purpose-built solution for mini-excavators in harsh or extreme heavy-duty applications. Engineered to provide resistance against damage and catastrophic failure, they’ll maximize your uptime

Rubber Tracks for Mini Excavators
Mini Excavator Rubber Tracks Sale



  • Special Roller Side Compound for crack resistance.
  • Advanced Natural Lug Side Rubber Compound for chunk & tear resistance.
  • Continuous Steel Cord Construction for greater strength & flexibility.
  • Application Specific Lug Pattern for improved traction.
  • Forged & Heat Treated Metal Cores for long life.
  • Coated Steel Core for corrosion resistance.

Traxter Rubber Tracks for Mini Excavator

ITR America MX

Engineered and manufactured from the highest quality rubber and steel materials, using the latest technological advancements. Engineered with a “Helical Steel Core” that improves track integrity and flexibility, while eliminating overlapping joint problems seen in other common track designs. In addition, ITR rubber tracks use forged and heat-treated links for greater stability and support.

ITR mini exc



Mini Excavator Tracks For Machines By All Major Brands

We feature a full range of rubber tracks for mini excavators in several sizes and configurations to meet the varied needs of our clients. We carry tracks to fit equipment from a variety of brands, including Cat, Bobcat, Gehl, John Deere, Case, New Holland, Takeuchi, Kubota, JCB, Volvo, and Komatsu.

bobcat mini excavator for sale

Bobcat 320 L
Bobcat 430 ZHS
Bobcat X119
Bobcat X231
Bobcat X321
Bobcat X325
Bobcat X328 G
Bobcat X334 E
Bobcat X435
Bobcat X444
Bobcat Y12
Bobcat 430 ZTS
Bobcat X120
Bobcat X316
Bobcat X322
Bobcat X325 D
Bobcat X331

Bobcat X334 G
Bobcat X435 AG
Bobcat 435 ZHS
Bobcat X122
Bobcat X320
Bobcat X322 D
Bobcat X325 E
Bobcat X331 D
Bobcat X335
Bobcat X435 D
Bobcat X123
Bobcat X320 D
Bobcat X322 E
Bobcat X325 G
Bobcat X331 E
Bobcat X337

Bobcat X435 G
Bobcat X125
Bobcat X320 E
Bobcat X322 G
Bobcat X328
Bobcat X331 G
Bobcat X337 D
Bobcat X435 HG
Bobcat X220
Bobcat X320 G
Bobcat X322 J
Bobcat X328 D
Bobcat X334
Bobcat X341
Bobcat X442
Bobcat X225
Bobcat X320 J

Bobcat X323
Bobcat X328 E
Bobcat X334 D
Bobcat X341 D
Bobcat X442 ZTS
Bobcat E20
Bobcat E26
Bobcat E32i
Bobcat E32
Bobcat E35i
Bobcat E35
Bobcat E42
Bobcat E45
Bobcat E50
Bobcat E55
Bobcat E63
Bobcat E85

Case Mini Excavator

Case 15
Case 15 MAXI
Case 16
Case 16 RTN-MAXI
Case 23 MAXI
Case 28
Case 28 MAXI
Case 31
Case 31 MAXI
Case 35
Case 35 STB
Case 35 STB
Case 50
Case 50 MAXI
Case 50 RTB
Case 6010 TURBO

Case 6030 TURBO
Case 6060 TURBO
Case 9007 ALLIANCE
Case CK 08
Case CK 13
Case CK 15
Case CK 16
Case CK 25
Case CK 28
Case CK 31
Case CK 32
Case CK 35
Case CK 36
Case CK 38
Case CK 50
Case CK 52

Case CK 62
Case CK 82
Case CX 14
Case CX 15
Case CX 15STC
Case CX 15STR
Case CX 16
Case CX 16B
Case CX 16SVC
Case CX 16SVR
Case CX 18B
Case CX 20B
Case CX 20BMR
Case CX 22B
Case CX 31
Case CX 31 B

Case CX 31 BM C
Case CX 31 BM R
Case CX 35
Case CX 36 B
Case CX 36 BM C
Case CX 36 BM R
Case CX 40 B
Case CX 40 BM C
Case CX 40 BM R
Case CX 47
Case CX 50
Case CX 50 B
Case CX 50 BM C
Case CX 50 BM R
Case CX 75 SR
Case CX 80
Case LX 92
Case TF 300

Cat Mini Excavators

Cat 301.5
Cat 301.5 CR
Cat 301.6
Cat 301.8
Cat 302.5
Cat 302.5 C
Cat 303 CR
Cat 303.5
Cat 304 CR
Cat 304.5
Cat 305 CR
Cat 305C CR
Cat 307 A
Cat 307 B
Cat 307 CR
Cat 307 SSR
Cat 308
Cat 308 BSR
Cat 308 CSR
Cat 311 B
Cat 311 BSR
Cat E 110B
Cat E 120B

Cat E 70
Cat E 70 B
Cat LD 1000
Cat ME 05
Cat ME 08
Cat ME 08-B
Cat ME 15
Cat ME 20
Cat ME 25
Cat ME 30
Cat ME 30 B
Cat ME 30 T
Cat ME 35
Cat ME 40
Cat ME 40 R
Cat ME 45
Cat MH 15
Cat MM 05
Cat MM 08-B
Cat MM 15
Cat MM 15 T
Cat MM 20
Cat MM 20 CR

Cat MM 20 SR
Cat MM 20 T
Cat MM 25
Cat MM 25 T
Cat MM 30
Cat MM 30 B
Cat MM 30 CR
Cat MM 30 CR-2
Cat MM 30 SR
Cat MM 30 T
Cat MM 35
Cat MM 35 B
Cat MM 35 T
Cat MM 40 B
Cat MM 40 CR
Cat MM 40 CR-2
Cat MM 40 SR
Cat MM 40 T
Cat MM 45
Cat MM 45 B
Cat MM 45 T
Cat MM 55 SR
Cat MM 55 SR-2

Cat MM 57 SR
Cat MS 010
Cat MS 020
Cat MS 020 (OLD)
Cat MS 030
Cat MS 035
Cat MS 040
Cat MX 15
Cat MX 30 R
Cat MX 35
Cat MX 35 (TYPE 1)
Cat MX 35 R
Cat MX 45
Cat MX 50
Cat MX 55
Cat MXR 30
Cat MXR 30 SR
Cat MXR 35
Cat MXR 35 SR
Cat MXR 50
Cat MXR 55
Cat NS 020
Cat NS 030
Cat NS 035

Gehl Mini Excavators

Gehl 1202
Gehl 153
Gehl 193
Gehl 223
Gehl 253
Gehl 303
Gehl 353
Gehl 373
Gehl 502

Gehl GE 253
Gehl GE 272 (US Market)
Gehl GE 292 (US Market)
Gehl GE 303
Gehl GE 342 (US Market)
Gehl GE 353
Gehl GE 362 (US Market)
Gehl GE 373
Gehl GE 502 (US Market)
Gehl GE 602 (US Market)

Gehl 753Z
Gehl 802
Gehl GE 12002
Gehl GE 142 (US Market)
Gehl GE 152 (US Market)
Gehl GE 153
Gehl GE 192 (US Market)
Gehl GE 193
Gehl GE 222
Gehl GE 223

Gehl GE 802
Gehl GX 10
Gehl GX 30
Gehl GX 35
Gehl MB 148
Gehl MB 253
Gehl MB 288
Gehl MB 358
Gehl RD 8
Gehl RD 8 HX

John Deere Mini Excavators

John Deere 120
John Deere 120C
John Deere 15
John Deere 17 ZTS
John Deere 17D
John Deere 25

John Deere 27 ZTS
John Deere 27C
John Deere 27C ZTS
John Deere 27D
John Deere 30
John Deere 35 ZTS
John Deere 35C

John Deere 35C ZTS
John Deere 35D
John Deere 50 ZTS
John Deere 50D
John Deere 50D ZTS
John Deere 60D
John Deere 80D

John Deere 80 C
John Deere 17G
John Deere 27G
John Deere 35G
John Deere 50G
John Deere 60G
John Deere 80G

Kubota Mini Excavators

Kubota K 005
Kubota K 015
Kubota K 035
Kubota KC 120
Kubota KH 007
Kubota KH 014 (old type)
Kubota KH 024
Kubota KH 030 HG
Kubota KH 055
Kubota KH 120
Kubota KH 191
Kubota KH 30 SR
Kubota KH 41
Kubota KH 52
Kubota KH 66
Kubota KX 005
Kubota KX 024
Kubota KX 045
Kubota KX 121-2S
Kubota KX 161-3 Super Series
Kubota KX 36
Kubota KX 41 HG
Kubota KX 41-3 SGL
Kubota KX 61-2
Kubota KX 90
Kubota RX 141
Kubota RX 501
Kubota U 008
Kubota U 20
Kubota U 30-3
Kubota U 45-3
Kubota FH 007
Kubota K 007
Kubota K 020
Kubota K 035-3
Kubota KC 50
Kubota KH 008
Kubota KH 014 G
Kubota KH 026
Kubota KH 033
Kubota KH 055 N
Kubota KH 121
Kubota KH 21
Kubota KH 30 SRG
Kubota KH 41 R
Kubota KH 52 SR
Kubota KH 70
Kubota KX 007
Kubota KX 026
Kubota KX 080
Kubota KX 121-3
Kubota KX 191
Kubota KX 36 HG

Kubota KX 41 L
Kubota KX 41-3S
Kubota KX 61-2S
Kubota KX 91-2
Kubota RX 201
Kubota RX 502
Kubota U 10
Kubota U 20 (Korean model)
Kubota U 35
Kubota U 45-S
Kubota HG
Kubota K 008
Kubota K 022
Kubota K 038
Kubota KC 50 LZ
Kubota KH 012
Kubota KH 014 HG
Kubota KH 026 G
Kubota KH 033 HG
Kubota KH 060
Kubota KH 130
Kubota KH 24
Kubota KH 31
Kubota KH 5
Kubota KH 55
Kubota KH 71
Kubota KX 008
Kubota KX 027
Kubota KX 100-5
Kubota KX 151
Kubota KX 21
Kubota KX 36-2
Kubota KX 41-2
Kubota KX 41-3V
Kubota KX 61-3
Kubota KX 91-2 SR
Kubota RX 202
Kubota RX 502 VA
Kubota U 10-3
Kubota U 25-3
Kubota U 35-3
Kubota UX 30
Kubota K 008 DH
Kubota K 025
Kubota K 040
Kubota KC 51
Kubota KH 012 (old type)
Kubota KH 02
Kubota KH 027
Kubota KH 040
Kubota KH 07
Kubota KH 14
Kubota KH 24 HG
Kubota KH 35

Kubota KH 50
Kubota KH 55 G/S/R/X
Kubota KH 90
Kubota KX 012
Kubota KX 030
Kubota KX 101
Kubota KX 161-2
Kubota KX 251
Kubota KX 36-2&
Kubota KX 41-2S
Kubota KX 51
Kubota KX 71
Kubota KX 91-2S
Kubota RX 301
Kubota U 15
Kubota U 30
Kubota U 35-3 HG
Kubota K 008-2
Kubota K 028
Kubota K 045
Kubota KC 80
Kubota KH 012 G
Kubota KH 02 HG
Kubota KH 027 G
Kubota KH 041
Kubota KH 090
Kubota KH 14 G
Kubota KH 26 HG
Kubota KH 36
Kubota KH 50 SR
Kubota KH 60
Kubota KH 91
Kubota KX 014
Kubota KX 033
Kubota KX 101-3
Kubota KX 161-2S
Kubota KX 251 N2PG
Kubota KX 36-3
Kubota KX 41-2SC
Kubota KX 60-2
Kubota KX 71-2
Kubota KX 91-3
Kubota RX 301 UR
Kubota U 15 lotus root
Kubota U 30 HG
Kubota U 45
Kubota K 008-3
Kubota K 030
Kubota K 151
Kubota KC 80 D
Kubota KH 012 GH
Kubota KH 021
Kubota KH 030
Kubota KH 045

Kubota KH 101
Kubota KH 14 HG
Kubota KH 26 SR
Kubota KH 37
Kubota KH 51
Kubota KH 61
Kubota KN 36
Kubota KX 021
Kubota KX 040
Kubota KX 120-5
Kubota KX 161-2SR
Kubota KX 251
Kubota KX 36-3 GL
Kubota KX 41-2SV
Kubota KX 60-3
Kubota KX 71-3
Kubota KXB 300
Kubota RX 302
Kubota U 15-3
Kubota U 30-1
Kubota U 45 G
Kubota K 013
Kubota K 030-3
Kubota K 50 SR
Kubota KH 005
Kubota KH 014
Kubota KH 021 HG
Kubota KH 030 G
Kubota KH 05
Kubota KH 12
Kubota KH 151
Kubota KH 28
Kubota KH 38
Kubota KH 51 SR
Kubota KH 65
Kubota KN 51
Kubota KX 021 UR
Kubota KX 041
Kubota KX 121-2
Kubota KX 161-3
Kubota KX 28
Kubota KX 41
Kubota KX 41-2V
Kubota KX 61
Kubota KX 71-3 GL
Kubota RX 303
Kubota U 15-3 V
Kubota U 30-2
Kubota U 45 VA
Kubota KX057-4
Kubota U55
Kubota KX080-3
Kubota U55
Kubota U17

New Holland Mini Excavators

New Holland E 20.2 SR
New Holland E 22.2 SR
New Holland E 27.2 SR
New Holland E 30.2 SR
New Holland E 35.2 SR
New Holland E 40.2 SR
New Holland E 50.2 SR
New Holland E 9 SR
New Holland EC 15

New Holland EC 25
New Holland EC 25 SR
New Holland EC 35
New Holland EC 35 SR
New Holland EC 45
New Holland EC 45 SR
New Holland EC 60
New Holland EH 15 B
New Holland EH 16
New Holland EH 18

New Holland EH 25
New Holland EH 27 B
New Holland EH 35
New Holland EH 35 B
New Holland EH 45
New Holland EH 50 B
New Holland EH 70
New Holland NHK 16 C
New Holland NHK 16 R
New Holland NHK 18 C

New Holland NHK 18 R
New Holland NHK 20 SR3 C
New Holland NHK 25 SR3 C
New Holland NHK 25 SR3 R
New Holland NHK 30 SR3 R
New Holland NHK 35 SR3 C
New Holland NHK 40 SR3 C
New Holland NHK 40 SR3 R
New Holland NHK 50 SR3 C
New Holland NHK 50 SR3 R

Takeuchi Mini Excavators

Takeuchi TB1140
Takeuchi TB45
Takeuchi HUPPI 403
Takeuchi HUPPI 640
Takeuchi TB07
Takeuchi TB007
Takeuchi TB08
Takeuchi TB014
Takeuchi TB014A/LSA
Takeuchi TB015
Takeuchi TB016S/LSA
Takeuchi TB020
Takeuchi TB025
Takeuchi TB030
Takeuchi TB035
Takeuchi TB153FR
Takeuchi TB180FR
Takeuchi TB045
Takeuchi TB070
Takeuchi TB080
Takeuchi TB10S
Takeuchi TB12

Takeuchi TB14
Takeuchi TB15
Takeuchi TB15F
Takeuchi TB15FR
Takeuchi TB16
Takeuchi TB20
Takeuchi TB20QR
Takeuchi TB21
Takeuchi TB22
Takeuchi TB25
Takeuchi TB25
Takeuchi TB28FR
Takeuchi TB30UR
Takeuchi TB35
Takeuchi TB35S
Takeuchi TB36
Takeuchi TB45R
Takeuchi TB36S
Takeuchi TB53FR
Takeuchi TB55R
Takeuchi TB55UR
Takeuchi TB68

Takeuchi TB68S
Takeuchi TB80
Takeuchi TB80FR
Takeuchi TB105
Takeuchi TB106
Takeuchi TB108
Takeuchi TB120
Takeuchi TB120R
Takeuchi TB125
Takeuchi TB135
Takeuchi TB145
Takeuchi TB175
Takeuchi TB250
Takeuchi TB250
Takeuchi TB23
Takeuchi TB250R
Takeuchi TB300
Takeuchi TB300R
Takeuchi TB350
Takeuchi TB350R
Takeuchi TB65O
Takeuchi TB650S

Takeuchi TB800
Takeuchi TB800R
Takeuchi TB850B
Takeuchi TB980
Takeuchi TB1200
Takeuchi TC425LD
Takeuchi TC850
Takeuchi TC850S
Takeuchi TCF850
Takeuchi TCF850S
Takeuchi TC960D3
Takeuchi TC960D3S
Takeuchi TC980
Takeuchi TCR50
Takeuchi TZ10
Takeuchi TZ25
Takeuchi TZ26
Takeuchi TZ30
Takeuchi TZ230
Takeuchi TZ250
Takeuchi TZ250R
Takeuchi TZ330
Takeuchi 1129

Terex Mini Excavators

Terex AM35R
Terex TC25
Terex AM37R

Terex TC35
Terex TC37
Terex TC15

Terex TC16
Terex TC20
Terex TC29

Terex TC48
Terex TC50
Terex TC60
Terex TC75

Volvo Mini Excavators

Volvo EC27C
Volvo EC30
Volvo EC35

Volvo EC45
Volvo EC50
Volvo EC55
Volvo EC70

Volvo ECR28
Volvo ECR38
Volvo ECR48C
Volvo ECR58

Volvo ECR88
Volvo EC20
Volvo EC25
Volvo EC15

Yanmar Mini Excavators

Yanmar CD7CDA
Yanmar CG3
Yanmar CG3 HAST
Yanmar CG3D
Yanmar CO6R
Yanmar DC153
Yanmar DC153
Yanmar DC224
Yanmar K4SC
Yanmar M22
Yanmar M27
Yanmar M37
Yanmar MCG 8
Yanmar MCG 91
Yanmar MCG 95
Yanmar MCG 100
Yanmar MCG 111F
Yanmar MCG 130
Yanmar MCG 131
Yanmar MCG 131
Yanmar MCG 150
Yanmar TFW 8R
Yanmar VIO10
Yanmar VIO15
Yanmar VIO20
Yanmar VIO20.1
Yanmar VIO20.1
Yanmar VIO20.2
Yanmar VIO30
Yanmar VIO30.1
Yanmar VIO30.2
Yanmar VIO30V
Yanmar VIO35.1
Yanmar VIO35.2
Yanmar VIO40
Yanmar VIO40.1
Yanmar VIO40CR
Yanmar VIO40CR
Yanmar VIO40PR
Yanmar VIO40V
Yanmar VIO45
Yanmar VIO50
Yanmar VIO50.1
Yanmar VIO50.2
Yanmar VIO50CR
Yanmar VIO50PR
Yanmar VIO50V
Yanmar VIO55
Yanmar VIO70
Yanmar VIO75
Yanmar VIO350
Yanmar WB500
Yanmar WB1000.1
Yanmar WB1000.3
Yanmar WB1000.3S
Yanmar WB1300
Yanmar WSR2600

Yanmar WSR3000
Yanmar XYD710B
Yanmar Y12
Yanmar Y12B
Yanmar Y14
Yanmar Y14B
Yanmar Y22
Yanmar YB10
Yanmar YB10.1
Yanmar YB10.2
Yanmar YB20
Yanmar YB21
Yanmar YB21XR
Yanmar YB27
Yanmar YB27
Yanmar YB28X.2
Yanmar YB32
Yanmar YB101
Yanmar YB101UZ
Yanmar YB101VL
Yanmar YB121
Yanmar YB151
Yanmar YB191
Yanmar YB201
Yanmar YB221
Yanmar YB221
Yanmar YB231
Yanmar YB241
Yanmar YB241Z
Yanmar YB251
Yanmar YB271
Yanmar YB271.30
Yanmar YB281
Yanmar YB281X
Yanmar YB281X.2
Yanmar YB281XR
Yanmar YB291
Yanmar YB301
Yanmar YB301.2U
Yanmar YB301UZ
Yanmar YB351
Yanmar YB352
Yanmar YB401
Yanmar YB451
Yanmar YB501
Yanmar YB551
Yanmar YB551XB
Yanmar YBT650
Yanmar YEW5D1
Yanmar YEW8R
Yanmar YFW5
Yanmar YFW5D1
Yanmar YFW8R
Yanmar YFW25
Yanmar YFW25R
Yanmar YFW40
Yanmar YFW40R
Yanmar YFW45

Yanmar YFW45R
Yanmar YFW55R
Yanmar YM10
Yanmar YMD60
Yanmar YSR 2600
Yanmar YSR 3000
Yanmar YTB650
Yanmar B50V
Yanmar VIO25
Yanmar AURA 28
Yanmar 5D.1
Yanmar 8R
Yanmar B03
Yanmar B03 SCOPY
Yanmar B05
Yanmar B05 SCOPY
Yanmar B05R SCOPY
Yanmar B07
Yanmar B07.1
Yanmar B08
Yanmar B08 SCOPY
Yanmar B08.3
Yanmar B08.3RV
Yanmar B08R
Yanmar B08R SCOPY
Yanmar B08RV
Yanmar B08RV SCOPY
Yanmar B1
Yanmar B1U
Yanmar B2U
Yanmar B2V
Yanmar B2X
Yanmar B2X
Yanmar B2X.1
Yanmar B2X.1
Yanmar B2U
Yanmar B3
Yanmar B3.2
Yanmar B3.3
Yanmar B3U
Yanmar B4U
Yanmar B5
Yanmar B6
Yanmar B6.3
Yanmar B6U
Yanmar B7
Yanmar B10
Yanmar B10
Yanmar B10R
Yanmar B12
Yanmar B12.1
Yanmar B12.2
Yanmar B12.3
Yanmar B12.3
Yanmar B12.3PR
Yanmar B12PR
Yanmar B14
Yanmar B14.1

Yanmar B15
Yanmar VIO27
Yanmar VIO1000
Yanmar C12R
Yanmar B15.3
Yanmar B15.3CR
Yanmar B15.3PR
Yanmar B15
Yanmar B15MC
Yanmar B15.EX
Yanmar B17
Yanmar B17.1
Yanmar B17.2
Yanmar B17.3
Yanmar B17.3EX
Yanmar B17EX
Yanmar B17PR
Yanmar B18
Yanmar B18EX
Yanmar B19
Yanmar B19
Yanmar B19PR
Yanmar B19.2
Yanmar B22
Yanmar B22.1
Yanmar B22.2
Yanmar B22.2A
Yanmar B25
Yanmar B25V
Yanmar B25VCR
Yanmar B27
Yanmar B27.1
Yanmar B27.2
Yanmar B27.2A
Yanmar B27.2B
Yanmar B30V
Yanmar B31
Yanmar B32
Yanmar B32.2
Yanmar B37
Yanmar B37.1
Yanmar B37.2
Yanmar B37.2A
Yanmar B37.2B
Yanmar B37V
Yanmar B37VCR
Yanmar B40VIO
Yanmar B43
Yanmar B43
Yanmar B50
Yanmar B50.1
Yanmar B50.2
Yanmar B50.2A
Yanmar B50.2B
Yanmar B50V
Yanmar B50VCR
Yanmar B50VIO
Yanmar B158

Popular Rubber Track Sizes

180x72x31, 180x72x32, 180x72x33, 180x72x34, 180x72x35, 180x72x36, 180x72x37, 180x72x38, 180x72x39, 180x72x40, 180x72x41, 180x72x42, 180x72x43, 180x72x44, 180x72x45
230x48x60, 230x48x62, 230x48x63, 230x48x64, 230x48x66, 230x48x68, 230x48x70, 230x48x72
230x72x37, 230x72x39, 230x72x40, 230x72x41, 230x72x42, 230x72x43, 230x72x44, 230x72x45, 230x72x46, 230x72x47, 230x72x48, 230x72x49, 230x72x50, 230x72x52, 230x72x54, 230x72x56
300x52.5x70, 300x52.5x72, 300x52.5x74, 300x52.5x76, 300x52.5x78, 300x52.5x80, 300x52.5x82, 300x52.5x84, 300x52.5x86, 300x52.5x88, 300x52.5x90, 300x52.5x92
350x52.8x84, 350x52.8x86, 350x52.8x88, 350x52.8x90
400x72.5x68, 400x72.5x70, 400x72.5x72, 400x72.5x74, 400x72.5x76
450x81x74, 450x81x76, 450x81x78