Construction & Demolition Attachments for Skid Steers

7 Best Skid Steer Attachments for Demolition & Construction

A skid steer is a compact yet powerful machine with a rigid frame designed to connect to many accessories. Equipped with rubber tracks or tires, they are suitable for many activities, such as trenching, digging, excavating, construction, and demolition.

Skid steer attachments benefit industries like agriculture, landscaping, construction, and demolition. Some common ones include augers for planting trees and posts, buckets of different shapes and sizes, stone forks and pallet forks for material handling, pushers, blowers, and blades for snow removal. Hydraulic hammers or breakers and cold planers can make concrete, rock, or asphalt removal more efficient. You can use brooms, scrap grapples, and buckets to clean the area effortlessly.

Choosing the right attachments for your skid steer is essential to achieve the desired result. Read on to find out about the most popular ones for demolition and construction work so that you can make an informed decision.

7 Skid Steer Attachments for Construction & Demolition

Hydraulic Breakers

Skid steer-mounted hydraulic hammers or breakers are ideal for easily breaking rock slabs, concrete, walls and other rigid structures. Driven by a hydraulic piston, their approach is more targeted, and they offer a consistent and powerful force to complete any demolition task. Moreover, they are maneuverable and compact, operate with minimal disruption and noise, and are perfect for confined spaces. These skid steer attachments are used across many industries, from construction to excavation and mining to municipalities.

Tips for using your hydraulic hammer to its full potential:

  • Set up the skid steer breaker correctly and match it to the power unit, ensuring the hydraulic flow is ideal for the attachment.
  • Grease the hydraulic hammer according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to prevent overheating and reduce friction.
  • Inspect the skid steer hammer routinely. Check the hoses, grease points, chisels or bits, and nitrogen pressure.
  • Ensure proper maintenance of the skid steer attachment to enhance their service life.

Tag Equipment features the following:

Rock Buckets

A rock bucket is the best option if you want a simpler skid steer loader attachment for debris removal. Manufactured from welded tines, it sifts dirt and smaller materials, leaving behind larger rocks and debris. You can buy rock buckets that filter particles from 3 – 6 inches depending on your needs, enabling quick site cleanup. The maintenance routine should include frequent inspections and a thorough cleanup.

Grapple Buckets

If you want a tool that offers a firm grip on bulky materials and objects, such as rocks or logs, a grapple bucket is what you need. Designed with separate cylinders for two grapple arms, you can quickly move odd-size items with this skid steer attachment. It comes with or without a floor plate and is also suitable for land clearing and moving building supplies on a job site. You can choose one with regular or heavy-duty digging teeth. The popular buckets for skid steers include snow buckets, scrap grapple buckets, high dump buckets, concrete slab lifters, and concrete funnels.

Hydraulic Brooms

Skid steers with hydraulically driven brooms are perfect for efficiently and quickly sweeping dried mud, dirt, grass, and snow on job sites. They are effective for working on driveways, warehouses, farmyards, and construction and denomination sites. Available in 72” and 84”, this attachment can swiftly mount on the skid steer loader. It has a reversible rotation feature to help sweep away from walls and sturdy structures.

The Tag Equipment lineup of skid steer attachments includes:

  • HLA Hydraulic Rotary Broom
  • HLA Pick Up Broom
  • Martatch Pick Up Brooms


Using an auger for your skid steer loader, you can easily drill holes for fences, trees, and footings. You can choose between different drive systems according to your needs and the ground condition, specifically focusing on the soil type. Typically, an auger can drill up to six feet deep. You may use extensions to dig deeper holes. The significant benefits of this skid steer attachment are speed and precision, even on uneven terrain. You can choose between standard and heavy-duty skid steer augers to meet your requirements.

Tag Equipment offers the following:

  • Baumalight Roughneck Auger RC442, RC582, RC586, and RC780
  • Pengo Aggressor Augers – 48”
  • Twisted J Auger Bits
  • Auger Extensions by Baumalight

Concrete Slab Lifter Bucket

As the name indicates, this skid steer attachment is suitable for carrying slabs and removing concrete on driveways, sidewalks, and construction or demolition sites. Typically, it comes with a sight window to ensure good visibility of the teeth edge, making it easy for the operator to slide the bucket under concrete. In addition, three heavy-duty shanks with rubberized flex pins and replaceable points are available for quick and easy lift. If you want versatility, you can opt for a hydraulic thumb.

Tag Equipment carries top-grade concrete slab lifter buckets for skid steers by HLA attachments.

Cold Planers

Skid steer cold planer attachments facilitate road maintenance, including concrete resurfacing. Mounting this attachment on your compact equipment allows you access to tight spaces and maneuverability. They are ideal for breaking up asphalt and concrete areas, mating uneven pavement surfaces, removing road stripes, cutting drainage in parking lots, tapering road edges, and milling railroad approaches and utility hole edges.

Tag Equipment offers the following:

  • Alitec Cold Planers – 12”/ 16”/ 18” / 24” / 30” and 40”
  • Bradco Cold Planers – 12 to 40 inches

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7 Best Skid Steer Attachments for Demolition & Construction

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