Skid Steer Attachments in Ontario

7 Steps to Ensure Your Skid Steers Offer Maximum Efficiency

Skid steers feature hydraulic systems that offer high performance, lubricate against corrosion and wear, and help to cool the components. The best way to ensure your machine works efficiently is to ensure your skid steer attachments remain in top shape. Dirt and traces of metal often tend to lower the efficiency of the equipment. Knowing how to maintain them means they will work well for a longer period.

7 Quick Tips to Maintain Your Skid Steer Accessories & Attachments

  1. Keep the Oil Clean
    Oil ensures smooth functioning of the machine and the attachments. Use oil that is specially blended for the equipment to avoid contamination. Also, use the correct fluid that is compatible with your skid steer. It helps to adhere to the specific service intervals to change the filter and hydraulic oil. If you use different accessories with your skid steer, remember to change the oil more frequently.
  2. Check Quick Couplers
    Quick couplers allow you to use a variety of attachments with your machine, which is why you must examine them carefully. Dirt, mud, and dust often get transferred and hamper the performance. It helps to wipe off the coupling surface thoroughly to prevent contamination. Also, clean the skid steer attachments properly when storing them and seal them with plastic caps. Check the built-up pressure in the hydraulic lines and relieve it before storing the attachment.
  3. Change the Oil Regularly
    Hydraulic fluid tends to deteriorate because of the continuous heating and cooling process. Examine the oil cooler to make sure that it is clean and check the area around the hydraulic parts. Also, monitor the condition of the oil regularly and change it if it looks burnt or dirty.
  4. Conduct an Oil Analysis
    A thorough analysis of the oil helps to ensure the attachments and the skid steer work properly. This can help you identify any problems in the early stages, saving you money and preventing downtime for repairs. It can also help you find any premature wear and prevent failures.
  5. Look for Leaks and Water in the Equipment
    Air and water contamination can cause damage to the hydraulic system of a skid steer. Water in the system dilutes the hydraulic oil, decreasing its lubricity. It helps to check for pinched lines, leaks, and damaged fittings before and after the operation of the skid steer attachment. Also, clean the refill cap when you top off the hydraulic fluid.
  6. Inspect the Skid Steer Attachments
    It is crucial to check the accessories, particularly after a system failure. This is because they will have the same contaminated oil as the equipment, leading to poor performance. If any attachment operates inadequately, remove and inspect for any signs of damage.
  7. Set Up the Skid Steer Accessories Adequately
    It is essential to ensure that the setup of the attachments is accurate. It helps to match pressures and flows between the skid steer and the accessories.

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