A Complete Guide to Rubber Track Pads

A Complete Guide to Rubber Track Pads

Suppose you are looking for ways to ensure less noise and vibration when operating your excavator or want better traction and less damage to surfaces. In that case, rubber track pads are an excellent solution, especially for steel tracks. When it comes to rubber tracks, they can be used to increase traction on abrasive surfaces and protect hard grounds such as concrete and asphalt. Read on to learn more about track pads so you can make an informed choice when purchasing them.

Types of Rubber Track Pads for Mini Skid Steers & Mini Excavators

Side Mount, Clip-On Rubber Track Pads

Clip-on rubber track pads are ideal for steel tracks. They come with hardened mounts that can fit the rubber track pad from the side to help ease the installation process. They contain more rubber and are heavy, which minimizes wear, making them more durable. Clip-on or side mount track pads often provide a longer service life.

Bolt-On Pads

These excavator rubber track pads are the perfect option when there are pre-drilled holes in the existing grouser shoes. They are bonded to pre-formed metal plates, which can be installed in between the steel grousers. Bolt-on pads are durable and cost-effective.

Roadliner Chain Mount

You can bolt the chain mount track pads directly to the chain of the undercarriage and also use them to replace other chain type track pads such as those found on newer Caterpillar equipment. The primary benefit of chain-mount rubber pads is that the rubber can enclose the steel part of the tracks. Thus, if the track brushes against any abrasive surface or a curb, it can be protected from the side. They are the right choice when it comes to maintaining the durability of the steel undercarriage.

Benefits of Rubber Track Pads

When looking at rubber tracks for sale, you need to consider the advantages of the track pads to ensure maximum return and enhance the longevity of the accessory and the equipment. Here are a few benefits of rubber track pads that you should take into account:

  • They ensure a quieter and smoother ride and enhance the operator’s experience.
  • They help reduce the chances of mishaps and decrease liabilities, thus increasing the profitability of your projects.
  • High-quality track pads help eliminate costly surface damage.
  • They help reduce vibration and improve the life of the undercarriage.
  • These accessories for skid steers can help you save labour and material costs by reducing rubber matting and offering surface protection.
  • You can get a proper grip on surfaces when using rubber track pads, unlike the steel tracks that tend to slip on hard surfaces.
  • Rubber pads allow heavy equipment owners to benefit from the securities and properties of rubber while having the strength and durability of the steel chain.

Features of Our Rubber Track Pads

  • Our rubber pads for skid steers are easy to fit, and you can install them in just a few minutes.
  • They are made of superior quality rubber compounds to ensure long-lasting durability.
  • You can remove them and bolt to the drive chain or attach them directly to your existing grousers, as per your convenience and requirements.
  • Easy replacement of single units is possible if one of them gets damaged.
  • They are the best option for equipment weighing 8 ton and more due to weight class.
  • Many types and sizes of rubber pads are available to fit almost every make and model of machine on the market.

Rubber Track Pad Options Available at Tag Equipment

Tag Equipment offers three types of rubber track pads, suitable for different applications, including Bolt-On, Side Mount, and Chain Mount. They are perfect for many models of compact track loaders, dozers, and excavators with steel track undercarriages.

  • Clip-On Rubber Track Pads
    We feature ITR clip-on track pads that can attach easily to the steel grouser shoe. Using a bolt-on bracket, you can attach them directly to the steel shoe. This way, you can quickly access the nut and bolt to replace, remove, or add the track pad as required.
  • Bolt-On Rubber Pads
    We feature the ITR bolt-on track pad that is readily attachable to the steel grouser shoe. You can use threaded studs at the back of the accessory and bolt them into the pre-drilled holes.
  • Roadliner Rubber Track Pads
    Our selection also includes ITR Roadliner track pads that do not require steel grouser shoes. You can directly bolt them to the chain in place of the steel pad using four bolts.

Contact Tag Equipment for Skid Steer Tracks & Rubber Pads

Skid Steer Tracks & Rubber Pads

In addition to superior-quality skid steer rubber tracks for sale, including Bobcat rubber tracks, we also offer rubber pads. We have rubber pads ranging from 300mm to 800mm in width and are ready to be shipped. If you have a machine with extra-wide LGP (Low Ground Pressure), we accept special orders for track systems accordingly to meet your needs.

Our rubber track pad system allows easy installation without the trouble of having to access hard to reach portions to unbolt the track pad. It offers flexibility, allowing the operator to adapt their excavator to the application quickly. Our selection includes rubber track pads for hard, abrasive surfaces and shoes without a pad for non-abrasive ground conditions. This eliminates the worry about scarring paved or concrete roadways or the damage it may cause when transporting your equipment to different locations. Our rubber clip-on and bolt-on track pads are the ideal choices for both applications.

We carry pads that fit tracks from brands such as:

  • Camso
  • Traxter

They are perfect for a variety of equipment brands, including the following:

  • Bobcat
  • CAT
  • CASE
  • Komatsu

If you have any questions about our rubber track pads, feel free to call us at 416-716-5850. You could also fill out our online contact form for more information. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have and help you choose the right accessory for your equipment.