A Comprehensive Guide to Rubber Tracks for Mini Excavators

When deciding which type of tracks to use for your mini excavator, it is beneficial to know that rubber tracks offer various benefits and cost relatively lower. Learning about the pros and cons, replacement requirements, and from where to buy quality products is essential to make an informed decision. In addition, it is wise to consider other factors like usage and maintenance, weather conditions, surface type, tread pattern, the ride’s comfort, durability, and budget. This way, you can get the most out of your investment.

6 Top Benefits of Mini Excavator Rubber Tracks

Excellent Performance on Softer Ground

Rubber tracks do not tear up turf or other types of sod. They are designed to glide across dirt, grass, and other soft surfaces without damaging them.

Quieter than Steel Tracks

Compact equipment owners often need help choosing between steel and rubber tracks. It is best to know that the latter can absorb more noise, thus eliminating the use of noise-cancelling headsets. Therefore, these tracks are ideal when working on projects where loud noises are a problem.

Ensure Faster Movement

Equipping your mini excavator with high-quality rubber tracks helps reduce the vibration of the machine. This will allow you to drive the equipment faster and more efficiently, ensuring enhanced productivity.

Allow You to Work Comfortably

Rubber tracks are flexible, which ensures operator comfort. When operating the equipment, you will not feel too much fatigue at the end of the day.

Lower Maintenance Expenses

Having a proper maintenance schedule for your mini excavator and the rubber tracks will help reduce the chances of expensive breakdowns and replacements in the future. Moreover, doing this will enhance the track life, assuring high equipment performance.

Affordable Replacement

When comparing rubber tracks with steel ones, the former cost much less. You can avoid a significant financial hit without compromising the quality when replacing them in the future.

Cons of Rubber Tracks

Continuous Exposure to the Sun May Reduce Life

If you continuously leave your mini excavator with rubber tracks in the sun for an extended period, they may wear out sooner than expected. This is because any form of rubber does not do well to direct sunlight. However, you can solve this problem effectively by storing the tracks and the machine in a warehouse, away from direct sunlight.

Difficulties with Rough Surfaces

It helps to know that rubber tracks work best on smooth surfaces. You can use them for working on gravel or rocks, but you may risk more damage when doing so continuously.

Do Not Handle Curbs Well

Like driving on rough terrains, operating the rubber track-equipped machine over curbs may not give you the best result. Using them frequently to work on such surfaces may strain them, leading to de-tracking.

Not the Best Choice for Environments with Contaminants

Rubber tracks may not be the right choice for your compact equipment if you want to work on a job site with oils or chemicals or around manure in farmyards. This is because the contaminants may damage the rubber compounds.

4 Types of Rubber Track Tread Patterns

  • Standard Block Tread – is a popular rubber track tread. It is best suitable for use on gravel and hot paved surfaces. In addition, you can also use it on different ground conditions, including clay, finished lawns, sand, mud, and asphalt.
  • C-Lug Rubber Track Tread – have notches cut out of each block. This allows increased traction and ensures better performance when working on concrete, asphalt, clay, mud, gravel, and sand.
  • Straight Bar Tread – offers maximum traction and reduces the possibility of getting stuck. Thus, it is ideal for muddy or wet terrain.
  • Multi-Bar Tread – is the perfect choice when you need to work on different surfaces. With this tread pattern, you can work on hard surfaces like concrete and soft ground covers, including snow.

3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Rubber Tracks

  • Filthy Tracks
    Rubber tracks get dirty with use, often having small pebbles and other debris lodged into them. If you do not remove these particles, they may wear out soon. Thus, the cleaner you keep your rubber tracks, the longer they will last. It is beneficial to clean them daily after the job thoroughly.
  • Inadequately Maintained Undercarriage
    Proper upkeep of the undercarriage is as crucial as the tracks. This is because dirt and debris often get caught in the undercarriage, damaging parts and wearing out the tracks from the inside.
  • Improper Track Tension
    If the tracks are too loose, the chances of de-tracking increase, and if the tension is too tight, they may wear out quickly. In addition, the shape of the tracks also gets negatively impacted over time without proper tension.

Why is It Important to Buy from a Trusted Supplier?

A Comprehensive Guide to Rubber Tracks for Mini Excavators

Although the upfront cost of aftermarket tracks is lower than purchasing from an authorized dealer, the maintenance and replacement expenses may increase significantly in the long run. This is because you do not have a guarantee of quality.

When buying mini excavator rubber tracks, it is essential to understand that the design and the components significantly impact their durability and quality. Purchasing from a trusted supplier who deals in major brands guarantees excellent design, high performance, and longevity. Moreover, you will have a reliable source to contact if you have any questions or problems.

Tag Equipment Offers the Best Rubber Tracks for Mini Excavators

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