Bobcat compact Excavators

Bobcat Introduces Its Next Generation of Excavators

New Bobcat Excavators Provide Improved Comfort, Operation, and Performance

Whenever there is the need for compact excavating equipment, whether for residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural use, people will typically refer to this machinery as a Bobcat. Although this is the name of a specific manufacturer of compact equipment, Bobcat is commonly used in reference to excavators in general rather than distinguishing the various alternatives by individual maker/company.

The Bobcat name has been synonymous with both dependable and durable performance for over half a century. And for more than three decades, Bobcat has been providing its customers with the highest quality excavators for jobs that cannot accommodate a larger piece of equipment and/or would have to be completed by hand.

Over this time, Bobcat has continued to develop and improve their excavators, based in part of the feedback and recommendations of owners/operators. And now, the company has proudly introduced its next generation of excavators, the R-series, beginning with its E32 and E35 models in the standard three- to four-ton class; additional Bobcat R-Series excavators will follow at a later date.

From a conceptual perspective, this latest generation of Bobcat excavators offers several enhancements with respect to:

  • Design – a bold and distinct look
  • Comfort – a redesigned cab area
  • Operation – diminished downtime
  • Performance – greater productivity

Examining these features and enhancements in more depth, owners and operators of the new Bobcat R-Series excavators should be pleased to learn of the following:

  • High-Quality Finish
    • Strengthened hinges and latches; rigid and aligned excavator panels
    • Reduces vibration in the cab, especially when working on rough surfaces
  • Simplified Serviceability
    • New design allows easy access to the engine and daily maintenance checks
    • Unobstructed view of the engine for ease-of-servicing and reduced downtime
  • Streamlined Maintenance
    • A new feature in the R-Series excavators is a boom swing greaseless pin joint
    • Eliminates a previously-vital greasing item and increases amount of work time
  • Easily-Accessible Tie-Downs
    • Four-point tie-down locations for simpler and faster connection to trailers
    • Ensures proper transportation procedures and faster trips from site to site
  • Greater Downward Angles
    • Orientation of the excavator blades has been increased by as much as 33%
    • Allows operators to more easily level the Bobcat for greater range of motion
  • Improved Over-the-Side Performance
    • New dual-flange track rollers extend the undercarriage closer to track’s edge
    • Provides up to 15% increase in over-the-side capacity plus greater stability
    • Improves productivity via better over-the-side digging, better slewing ability
  • Unsurpassed Operator Experience
    • Improvements include:
      • Narrower side pillars for greater visibility
      • Windows with a greater surface area (15%)
      • Sun visor over the top window to shield the sun
      • Increased floor space/foot room in the cab (29%)
      • Fold-away floor pedals to further maximize floor space
      • Wider seat and cab for more space and greater comfort
      • Cab climate control – automatic heat and air conditioning
      • Tubular-frame cab door more effectively keeps out dirt/dust
      • Easy-to-reach control pattern selector located under the seat
      • Tread step for firmer footing when entering or exiting the cab
      • Internal storage compartments to house gloves/personal items
      • Removable floor mats for easy cleaning; an optional canopy roof

Individuals interested in learning more about these next generation Bobcat excavators or acquiring an R-Series E32 or E35 model would be well-advised to contact an experienced and knowledgeable compact equipment distributor such as Tag Equipment in Stouffville.

The specialists at Tag Equipment are highly familiar with all models of Bobcat excavators and can offer detailed information on the new R-Series machines as well as a comparison of the E32 and E35 models.  Call the compact equipment experts from Tag Equipment today at 647-559-3703 to speak with one of our well-informed representatives about the new Bobcat R-Series machines.

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