Choosing the Right Skid Steer Attachments for This Winter

Choosing the Right Skid Steer Attachments for This Winter

Choosing the Right Skid Steer Attachments for This Winter

You might have a question regarding which skid steer attachments to use during the winter. Whether to use snow blades, snow pushers, snow buckets, or snow wings, and the right attachment for you depends on the following:

  • The kind of projects you are working on.
  • The ground and snow conditions at the site.
  • The quantity of snow you need to clear.
  • What exactly do you need to do with the snow, push or load it in a truck?

To begin with, you should be aware of the four main types of attachments used for snow removal.

4 Types of Skid Steer Attachments for Snow Removal

  • Skid Steer Snow Blade
    They are angled at the sides in a way to help you move snow wherever you want. The operator can adjust the angles easily with the help of the fingertip control. They are best suited to remove snow from parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks. These are available with a trip edge and can help with snow removal across uneven roads.
  • Snow Bucket
    They are the least expensive type and are best suited for the following:

    • At a small project site where you may not be required to push or remove big piles of snow.
    • A place where you need to load snow into a truck.
    • To load other things into a truck that are not too heavy such as sand and salt.

    To put it simply, you could say that snow buckets are best used where loading work is going to be done more than snow removal.

  • Skid Steer Snow Pushers
    As the name suggests, they are used to push and clear large piles of snow, usually from condominium and apartment drives, streets, and more. Also known as a box or containment box, it can help scoop up snow and spillover from the blade, leaving the entire space clean. The advantages of snow pusher are:

    • Even the smallest equipment has a lot more capacity when compared to a snow bucket.
    • They have rubber cutting edges which fold back when they encounter any obstacles, preventing any damage to the driver or the machine.
    • They come with side plates that have angled boot edges to help the machine ride over any obstructions instead of jamming into them.
  • Skid Steer Snow Wing
    Snow wings have an advantage in the form of extra width on the attachment which can help you clear a larger area. They are equipped with end plates that are hydraulically-controlled and rotary actuators that have a massive 180° rotation. They have the following benefits:

    • You can get close to buildings without risking damage to the property or the machine.
    • Using the end plates, you can clear the snow completely from even the tightest of spots.

    Whether you need to clear a small piece of ground, or you require multiple attachments to get the work done, you must know the terrain, and be clear on how much snow needs to be removed, pushed or loaded into a truck. If you are aware of these details, you can make the right decision regarding the appropriate attachments for your machine.

Choose the Right Skid Steer Attachment for Snow Removal

Skid Steer Attachment for Snow Removal

At Tag Equipment, we have an extensive range of high-quality attachments for your skid steer. Our specialists have complete knowledge of the equipment and corresponding accessories required for a variety of jobs. You might also want to pair your snow bucket, pusher, or wing with our Salt Spreader for quick snow removal. For more information, you can reach out to our experts by calling 647-559-3703.

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