Different Types of Rubber Tracks for Loaders

Choosing the right rubber tracks for mini excavators, skid steers or loaders to meet your requirements can be challenging as there are a variety of tread patterns and choices available.

As we are a reputed rubber tracks supplier, we’ve put together a few essential things you must know before making a choice.

Choosing Between Multi-Track Loaders (MTL) and Compact Track Loaders (CTL)

Although both MTLs and CTLs use rubber tracks, the design is different, and they are used for diverse applications.

Compact loaders have steel inserted in the tires as well as in their undercarriage, which helps to lower the operating costs and extend their life.

The multi-track loaders use rubber tracks and rubber-coated roller wheels, making them lighter than CTLs. This enhances their ability to work on unstable surfaces without causing any damage and provides greater floatation and higher speed.

While the track undercarriage of the compact loader offers higher flexibility and versatility, the MTL offers superior operation and comfort in certain situations. Keeping these things in mind, you can choose the ones that meet your requirements.

Types of Rubber Tracks & Their Advantages

  • Staggered Block Tread
    This is the most popular type of track. It offers excellent performance and high resistance to failures. Many manufacturers such as Bobcat, Volvo, Case, and New Holland provide the staggered block pattern. Being versatile and durable, it is the best choice for operating on hard surfaces such as gravel, paved pathways, and hot surfaces. Due to the ability to cause fewer disturbances, it can also be used on lawns, asphalt, and more.
  • Zig-Zag Tread
    This tread pattern, offered on the Camso CTL SD, is a versatile option for loaders. It helps to maintain traction throughout the life of the tread and offers excellent durability on a variety of surfaces such as mud, clay, and snow. It minimizes machine vibrations and helps to reduce slippage forward and backward.
  • H-Pattern or C-Lug Tread
    Although it is quite similar to the staggered treads in appearance, the C-lug tread has grooves cut out on each block in the shape of “C.” Similarly, the H-pattern has notches in the shape of an “H.” Due to its flexibility and durability, it can be used for heavy-duty operations across a variety of terrains such as sand, gravel, clay, concrete, and more. The cut-out pattern offers a smooth ride, increased traction, and enhanced performance.
  • Straight Bar Track
    These are specifically designed to operate on muddy and wet terrains and prevents getting stuck while working on such surfaces. They also have the advantage of a lower durometer that allows for smooth pivoting of the equipment without damaging the surface even while operating at high speed.
  • Multi-Bar Tread
    It is the most appropriate choice of track to operate back and forth between hard surfaces and loose ground cover. It provides both a smooth ride on hard ground as well as enhanced traction on loose surfaces. It is also the preferred choice of tread for working in the snow.

Choosing the Most Suitable Rubber Tracks for Your Equipment

different types of rubber tracks for loaders
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