Digging Made Easy with Our Range of Skid Steer Auger Attachments

Generally, skid steer attachments, particularly the skid steer auger that is used for digging, are blamed when the equipment is inefficient. The problem, however, may be a mismatch between your machine and its accessory.

How Can You Find the Right Skid Steer Auger Attachment?

In order to be sure the auger attachment is the right fit for your equipment, be sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Sizing
    It is essential to choose an auger attachment with the accurate dimensions so that it is compatible with your skid steer. If you pick an auger that is too big for your equipment, you may end up putting more stress on it, keeping it from running efficiently.
  • Hydraulic System Specifications
    This is one of the significant aspects of choosing an auger. You need to know the specifications and the type of hydraulic system in the skid steer and select an attachment accordingly. The available hydraulic horsepower and the rotation speed of the auger will also influence this decision.
  • Digging Conditions
    It is necessary to understand the digging and ground conditions as you require different auger models for asphalt, concrete, sand, and clay. Remember the following when choosing an attachment:

    • Choose an attachment for speed when working on smoother ground conditions such as loam soils, clay, and plain dirt.
    • If you are operating on harder conditions such as concrete or asphalt, decide your auger attachment based on torque.
  • Equipment’s Weight
    The physical size or weight of the loader is also a crucial factor in determining the right auger accessory. Ensure that the machine is sturdy enough to carry the load.

You must strike a perfect balance involving system pressure or flow rates, auger diameter, machine weight, digging depth, power, and ground conditions to be sure you have the right skid steer auger accessory.

Types of Augers – Planetary & Chain Reduction Drive

The two basic kinds of auger drives are as follows:

  • Planetary Drive
    This allows more speed and higher flow rates and offers more longevity. It is compact, completely sealed and lubricated, costs more than chain reduction drive, and requires less maintenance.
  • Chain Reduction Drive
    It has an open structure, making it more susceptible to wear from outside elements such as sand, rock, and dirt. It is cost-efficient, offers high digging torque value, is easy to work on and requires simple, but regular maintenance.

Choosing Skid Steer Auger Bits

Ground conditions are critical to selecting the auger bit for your machine. If you are dealing with softer conditions such as clay and sand, a less expensive auger bit with a fabricated head that uses well-placed teeth will work best.

If you are working with harder ground conditions such as rocks and compact soil, you may require an auger bit with an aggressive tooth pattern for best results.

Select the Right Skid Steer Auger for Your Equipment

Skid Steer Auger for Your Equipment

When it comes to choosing an auger for your machine, quality of the product, brand name, and durability are significant aspects to be considered. At Tag Equipment, we have a wide range of Pengo augers and Baumalight Roughneck augers that are both versatile and offer high-performance.

For more information, feel free reach out to our experts by calling 647-559-3703. We will help you find a compatible skid steer auger for your equipment model.