Do You Need to Replace Both Rubber Tracks Together?

When it comes to construction equipment, people generally have questions such as when to replace rubber tracks in a skid steer, whether you should replace both the tracks at once, and which are the right rubber tracks for a mini excavator. We are here to guide you and help you understand essential things when replacing tracks of your machine.

Why Should You Replace Both the Tracks Together?

It is recommended to change both the rubber tracks in your machine at once for the following reasons:

  • To make sure that they are not damaged or worn out
  • To ensure both tracks have the same tread pattern.
  • To guarantee the smooth functioning of the equipment.

Can You Replace Only One of the Tracks?

Although mini excavator rubber tracks suppliers and manufacturers believe it is beneficial to replace both the rubber tracks at the same time, it is a common practice to replace only one of the tires on a skid steer, excavator, or any other equipment. This is because you wouldn’t replace all the tires on a vehicle when only one of them is worn out. So, even though it is preferable to replace both the tracks together, circumstances do not always allow for it.

Things to Consider When You Replace a Single Rubber Track

Keep in mind the following when replacing a single track in your equipment:

  • Alignment
    There is a widespread belief that if your machine has one old and one new track, they may not be aligned accurately and cause problems in the future. However, this is not entirely true. Replacing only one track will not cause any severe alignment issues.
  • Uneven Track
    If you work with cutting blades, be aware that having jagged tracks will cause your equipment to have uneven traction under heavy loads.
  • Undercarriage Damage
    The likelihood of damage to the undercarriage due to the new tracks is less when compared to damage your machine sustains from using old tracks.
  • Operating an ASV
    When working with an ASV, if you change a single track, you must be careful and tread with caution to avoid any accidents.
  • Appearance
    It is better to replace a single track instead of operating a machine with worn out tires. It will make your equipment look better overall.

Whenever possible, you should follow the advice of replacing both the tracks on your equipment together. If due to the circumstances, you need to change a single track on your excavator or skid steer, that is all right in the meantime. Just carry out the required steps to replace one of the tracks and remember to be careful while using it.

Choosing the Right Replacement Rubber Track for Your Equipment

Replacement Rubber Track

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  • Exceptional warranties
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