Do You Need to Replace Your CASE Rubber Tracks?

Your CASE compact loader roughs it through various terrains and conditions enabling you to get the job done efficiently. Over time, the normal wear and tear becomes more evident and you must decide whether you need to replace your excavator’s tracks. If you are seeing significant wear on your rubber tracks, it is best to replace them.

Replacement for CASE Tracks

To get the most out of your CASE compact loader or mini excavator, replacing your rubber tracks as they are needed allows you to maximize the productivity, fuel-efficiency, comfort and serviceability that CASE machines are known for.

Things to Consider When Looking for Replacement Rubber Tracks for Sale
When looking for replacement CASE tracks, there are a few things you need to consider. Most likely, you will be on a short timeframe, whether your tracks have failed or are in obvious need of replacement. Despite the rush, check the following:

  • Availability – Discuss the availability of new tracks with the retailer for your CASE compact loader. If you are on a significant time constraint, you must ensure that the retailer has tracks in stock and ready for shipment.
  • Price – Next, you need to consider the price and compare it to the longevity of the track. Some tracks come with a higher price tag, but offer more working hours than cheaper models. By weighing the price with the number of work hours, you can make sure you are getting the best deal.
  • OEM Quality – You need rubber tracks that are designed with the Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications in mind for your CASE equipment. That means they are not only designed for your CASE mini excavator or compact loader, but offer the same durability and dependability as those purchased from CASE directly.

We carry a full range of OEM quality rubber tracks for:

CASE mini excavators (CK and CX series): CK08, CK13, CK15, CK16, CK25, CK28, CK31, CK36, CK38, CK50, CK52, CK62, CK82, CX 75SR, CX 80, CX 47, CX 50, CX 36, CX 39B, CX 35, CX 28, CX 27, CX 20, CX 22, CX25, CX 26, CX 16B, CX 16SVC, CX 16SVR, CX 17B, CX 18B, CX 14, CX 15 and CK 23
CASE compact loaders: 420CT, 440CT, 445CT, 450CT, TR270, TR310, TR320, TR340, TV380, 420CT-3, 440CT-3, 445CT-3, 450CT-3

If you are looking to buy and replace CASE tracks for your compact loader, contact TAG Equipment today at 416-716-5850 with your questions.