New Holland Compact Excavator with Digging Teeth Bucket

Find New Holland Products at TAG Equipment

New Holland is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of equipment that services numerous industries including construction, agriculture, infrastructure, landscaping, energy, utilities, mining. The reason more companies choose New Holland is because of their reliability.

They have built a reputation for efficient, powerful machines that can accomplish the task efficiently, while keeping the project on schedule and on budget. From compact track loaders to backhoe loaders, mini excavators, wheel loaders and more, they have the products you need to deliver the payload.

What New Holland-Ready Products Can You Find at TAG Equipment?

At TAG Equipment, we are here to keep your New Holland machines running at their best. That is why we offer a full range of replacement excavator tracks, tires, steel wheels and more. Just some of what you can find include:

  1. Attachments Skid Steer Buckets, Pallet Forks, Augers, Sweeper Brooms, Cold Planers, Excavator Thumbs, Snow Pushers.
  2. Steel Wheel Rims – TAG Equipment carries heavy-duty construction steel wheel rims that are versatile and designed for tubeless wheels.
  3. Rubber Tracks When your New Holland excavator or skid steer needs new tracks, you need something that is extremely durable, superior quality and still is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality part. TAG Equipment carries a full line of Camso excavator and skid steer tracks suitable for New Holland machines.
  4. Skid Steer Tires For your skid steer, we have a full range of tires as well, including air filled (pneumatic) tires and flat-proof solid tires.

Why Choose TAG Equipment for Your Replacements?

New Holland Skid Steer with BucketFinding the ideal replacement tracks, wheels or rims is critical. They are the driving force of most New Holland products, and if you purchase subpar replacements, you may find that you have less work capacity and spend more in future replacements. At TAG Equipment, we offer OEM quality replacement parts and carry brands that we know and trust, such as Camso, HLA, Sweepster. That means when you purchase with us, you get the products and support services you need to keep your New Holland equipment working the way it should.

TAG Equipment carries the latest New Holland tires, skid steer tracks and steel wheels. If you are ready to add to your machine, contact our New Holland experts to find the right replacement components here at TAG Equipment. Call us today at 416-716-5850 for more information.

Our inventory features a range of New Holland skid steer tires, rubber tracks and wheels for models that include backhoe loaders, compact track loaders, skid steer loaders, compact crawler excavators, mini excavators, roller pavers, wheel loaders, site dumpers.

Our inventory features a range of New Holland® attachments and rubber tracks include:

C175, C185, C180, C190, C227, C232, C238, E16 + E17 + E18 + E18SR, E 20.2SR + E20SR + E22.2SR + E25SR, E 27.2SR + E 29BSR, E 30.2SR + E30SR, E 35.2SR + E35SR, E 40.2SR + E40SR, E 45.2SR + E45SR + E50B, E 50.2SR, E70BSR + E70SR + E80 Series, EC 25SR, EC35SR, EC45SR, EC15, EC25, EC35, EC45, EC60, EH15B, EH27B, EH35B, EH45, LT175B, LT185B, LT190B, L213, L216, L218, L220,L221, L223, L225, L228, L230, L150, L160, L170, L175, L185, L190, LS150, LS160, LS170, LS175, LS185, LS190