How Solid Flat-Proof Skid Steer Tires Can Help You Save Money

Skid steers are sturdy machines designed and manufactured to work in difficult terrains and challenging environments. However, if you use skid steer tires that are old and worn, it can reduce the efficiency of the equipment because they are likely to get cut or puncture easily, resulting in a flat tire and causing a delay in your project. Changing to skid steer flat-proof tires can offer you a comfortable ride and enhanced performance. In addition to this, they have a longer shelf life than pneumatics and can help you save money and time.

By investing in solid skid steer tires, you will find that the ROI far outweighs the additional expenses and downtime you may have if your pneumatic skid steer tire blows out.

Why Should You Invest in No Air Skid Steer Tires?

  • You Can Avoid Flat Tires
    A flat tire is difficult to deal with and causes unnecessary delays. It must be taken out to be assessed, and then either replaced or repaired based on the damage. In addition to this, blowouts due to flats can lead to a sudden loss of control, increasing the risk of an accident.
    Flat-proof skid steer tires are designed to handle rocky and difficult terrains and decrease the chances of a flat tire tremendously.
  • No Downtime & Delays
    Replacing or repairing a flat tire requires time which may result in loss of working hours, putting the whole project on hold. In addition to this, having to replace deflated skid steer tracks continuously may result in increased idle time which can raise the cost of the entire project.
    Although solid flat-proof skid steer tires may require occasional repairs, you don’t need to remove them from the equipment to do so resulting in less downtime.
  • Longer Life
    The main problem with pneumatics is that they get worn down easily which may result in loss of traction, reducing the efficiency of the machine. The tires that have signs of wear and tear are also more susceptible to blowouts, punctures, and cuts, meaning you may have to replace them frequently. High-quality skid steer flat-proof tires are crafted from durable materials and have unique tread patterns, making them last longer.
  • Enhanced Performance
    Flat-proof skid steer tires are designed using innovative and advanced technology that results in better performance. You also have the added advantage of increased stability and better control in harsh conditions when compared to pneumatic skid steer tires.
  • More Profits
    In addition to the cost of replacing or repairing the flat tires, downtime is expensive as well. The ROI of the equipment decreases the longer it remains idle. All these aspects lead to lower profits.

You can increase the working time of your skid steer by eliminating the hassle of frequent tire changes. Choosing the right flat-proof skid steer tire is crucial when it comes to completing the job under the budget and within the required time, making it wise to select those of high-quality and reliability.

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How Solid Flat-Proof Skid Steer Tires Can Help You Save Money
For contractors looking to purchase reliable and high-quality solid skid steer tires, Tag Equipment offers an extensive range of tracks for all makes and models, including Bobcat, Volvo, Case, Caterpillar and more. Our inventory also includes a variety of products made by Traxter and Camso.

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