How to Assess & Enhance the Life of Your Excavator Tracks

How to Assess & Enhance the Life of Your Excavator Tracks

When it comes to maintaining your excavator tracks, one of the critical aspects is assessing their life. Neglecting their condition can lead to unexpected breakdowns, project delays, and increased maintenance expenses or operational costs. In this complete guide, we will explore the signs that determine the life of your excavator tracks and how to ensure they last longer. Read on to learn the essentials and make informed decisions.

Why Should You Know the Signs to Replace Excavator Tracks?

Rubber tracks bear the weight and workload of your compact equipment. Understanding the signs that indicate they need replacement is about more than just maintenance. It is a strategic decision that impacts safety, efficiency, and your bottom line. Regular inspections and timely upkeep are crucial to optimizing your excavator’s performance and ensuring successful operation in the Canadian construction industry. You can plan replacements or repairs by proactively assessing their condition.

4 Signs that Determine the Life of Your Excavator Tracks

Tread Depth

Proper tread depth is essential in Canada’s diverse terrains, from rugged landscapes to slippery construction sites. It is a critical factor in assessing the health of your excavator rubber. It distributes the machine’s weight more evenly, reducing the strain on individual lugs. Deeper tread depth means better grip, especially in muddy or uneven conditions. You can use a gauge or a simple ruler to measure it. Insert it into the grooves of the track and measure the depth of the rubber. Typically, new rubber tracks have a tread depth of around 20-25 millimetres. The depth increases as your tracks wear.

Cracking or Dry Rot

Canada’s climate can be harsh, with temperature fluctuations that can affect your mini excavator rubber tracks. Cracking and dry rot are common issues, especially if your equipment is exposed to extreme cold or UV radiation. Look for cracks and spots where the rubber appears dried out and brittle. They can quickly worsen, leading to significant track damage and potential breakdowns. Use UV protectants to prevent dry rot and cracking, wash off dirt and debris regularly, and keep your rubber tracks clean.

Missing Lugs and Tracking Slop

These issues can arise due to uneven wear or excessive stress on your excavator tracks.

Lugs are the raised rubber portions on the track’s surface, and they play a vital role in maintaining traction and stability. If you find that some have worn down significantly more than others or are entirely missing, it is a sign that your tracks are compromised.

Tracking slop, on the other hand, refers to excessive side-to-side movement of the tracks, often caused by worn rollers, idlers, or sprockets. It can lead to accelerated wear. Regularly monitoring these signs can help you identify problems early, allowing for timely maintenance or replacement. Ignoring them can result in more extensive and costly repairs down the line.

Exposed Cable or Bars

It helps to ensure that the internal components, such as steel cables or bars, remain protected and intact as they provide structure and strength to your rubber tracks. Look for signs of exposed steel cables or bars to avoid damage to the undercarriage of your excavator. If you spot exposed parts, it is essential to address the issue promptly.

How to Enhance the Life of Your Excavator Rubber Tracks

Correct Track Tension

Maintaining proper tension is paramount. Tracks that are too tight or loose tend to wear out quickly. Refer to your equipment manual for the recommended tension settings, and regularly check and adjust the tension accordingly.

Regular Cleaning

Cleanliness plays a significant role in prolonging your excavator tracks’ life. Remove debris and mud buildup to prevent unnecessary wear. Clean rubber tracks also help reduce the strain on your undercarriage components.

Undercarriage Problem

A healthy undercarriage is vital for your mini excavator rubber tracks’ longevity. It ensures even weight distribution and reduces track stress. Examine the rollers, idlers, and sprockets for any wear or damage.

Avoid Buying Cheap, Low-Quality Rubber Tracks

While saving money is essential, opting for cheap, low-quality rubber tracks can cost you more in the long run. Inferior ones wear out faster, leading to frequent replacements and increased downtime. This is why buying parts and attachments from a reputable dealer is beneficial.

High-Quality Excavator Rubber Tracks for All Makes & Models

High-Quality Excavator Rubber Tracks

If you want to ensure the longevity of your compact equipment machines, we can help you. Tag Equipment offers a wide range of top-grade excavator tracks by major brands at the best prices.

Our mini excavator rubber tracks include the following:

  • Camso MX SD
  • Camso MX HXD
  • Traxter MX
  • ITR America MX

Our reliable, long-lasting rubber tracks are made of high-quality materials and can help you meet the demands of Canadian weather and terrains. For more product information, contact us at 416-716-5850 or complete our online form.

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