New Mini Excavator & Skid Steer Attachments at Tag Equipment

New Mini Excavator & Skid Steer Attachments at Tag Equipment

Tag Equipment is a leading supplier of skid steer attachments and mini excavator accessories in Canada. Whether you need Bobcat skid steer rubber tracks, tires, wheels, wheel rims, or any other attachment for your machine, we can help. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we carry a wide range of products at fair prices to meet our customers’ varied needs. We are proud to enhance our selection by adding a variety of new attachments. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest additions to our inventory.

Our New Selection of Mini Excavator Attachments

Arrowhead Breaker for Mini Excavator

The Arrowhead Rockdrill E series of hydraulic hammers are manufactured using high-quality materials and designed with efficiency and reliability at their core. This mini excavator attachment is perfect if you expect a reduced cost of ownership and maximum return on investment. It is a powerful solution for heavy-duty construction jobs. It allows sound suppressed operations and uses less amount of oil at lower pressures.

Excavator to Skid Steer Quick Attach

The Baumalight Excavator to Skid Steer Quick Attach Adaptor is ideal for attaching a variety of skid steer attachments to your excavator. It is a flexible accessory that allows you to change swiftly from one machine to another. The quick attach universal adaptor is lightweight yet sturdy and is constructed to support most skid steer accessories. It is a must-have product to add versatility to your arsenal of equipment.

NM Excavator Root Rake

The NM excavator root rake is made from high-quality structural steel and is perfect for moving, loading, and clearing stumps, brush, stones, and other debris. It is an excellent accessory for a range of heavy-duty tasks, including agricultural and landscaping activities. This attachment is ideal for vegetation management, quick clean-ups, sifting rocks and soil, and removing unwanted shrubs and overgrowth. It consists of AR-400 hardened steel in the tine regions and comes with variable tine spacing and a standard CAT-style teeth configuration. At Tag Equipment, we also offer other teeth options as per specific requirements in addition to the standard root rake for mini excavators.

New Mini Skid Steer Attachments

Arrowhead Breaker for Mini Skid Steer

Arrowhead Rockdrill is a world leader when it comes to developing hydraulically operated construction attachments. Manufactured using high-quality materials, the Arrowhead Rockdrill E range of hydraulic hammers is ideal for heavy-duty activities. It is made to improve reliability and efficiency. Also, it reduces the cost of ownership and offers a maximum return on investment. This mini skid steer attachment is constructed to use less oil at lower working pressures and allows sound and vibration suppressed operations.

Wallenstein Log Splitter

The log splitter is a part of the WX430 series skid steer accessory and has a universal quick attach mounting system. This skid steer attachment has a 25-ton split force and comes with the following features:

  • Skid Steer Mount
    It is the universal quick attach plate that connects easily with most skid steer makes and models.
  • Direct Pressure
    The Wallenstein log splitter allows you to apply a full splitting force because the cylinder is directly in line with the log. It is an excellent accessory for powering through the hardest wood with ease.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Splitting
    This mini skid steer attachment allows you to quickly switch into the vertical stand to split logs that are too big to move onto the splitting bed.
  • Wide Wedge
    It helps to reduce the cycle time by spreading and popping the logs in a short distance.

Wallenstein Log Grapple

Wallenstein Log Grapple

This log grapple is a part of the LXG200 Series of mini skid steer attachments. Designed to squeeze into tight, narrow spaces, it is an ideal attachment for tree service contractors and landscapers. The Wallenstein’s mini skid steer log grapple LXG210SB features a spring-centred return and allows you to enhance the efficiency of the equipment. It rotates when you turn at the corners but remains straight when lifting logs. The log grapple has a tight closure for grabbing small branches and a lateral positioning to manage the operations smoothly. This accessory is available for Bobcat, Vermeer, Toro Dingo, Boxer, Ramrod, and Ditch Witch quick attach hookups.

New Mini Excavator, Track Loader & Mini Skid Steer Accessories

Cab Glass

Our ITR high-quality replacement glass is perfect for excavators, backhoes, crawlers, and skid steers. It is precision manufactured to ensure proper fit and tempered to assure enhanced safety. The cab glass is durable, impact-resistant, and heat stabilized. It has high mechanical strength and a green tint to improve operator comfort. We individually pre-pack the orders to ensure hassle-free and smooth shipping.

Rollers or Idlers

We carry a wide range of front and rear idlers for track loaders and mini excavators. The assemblies include both fabricated and cast applications. The parts are made using special, top-quality seal groups and high strength steels to deliver excellent performances even on harsh ground conditions. They provide excellent lubricating oil retention and allow maintenance-free operations to improve efficiency.

Top & Bottom Rollers

We feature high-grade and high-performance rollers for different equipment, including track loaders, mini-excavators, and more. These components for construction equipment are manufactured and designed to offer exceptional service even under extreme circumstances.

New Rubber Track Pads, Rubber and Steel Tracks, and Tires for Mini Skid Steers & Mini Excavators

ITR Rubber Track Pads

Our new selection of high-grade rubber track pads includes the following:

  • Bolt-On Rubber Track Pads
    The rubber ITR bolt-on steel track pad consists of threaded studs located at the back. You can easily attach the part to the steel grouser shoe through pre-drilled holes in it. Although most machines come with pre-drilled holes, you may further drill holes into the shoes as per convenience.
  • Clip-On Rubber Track Pads
    ITR clip-on rubber track pads come with bolt-on clips that perfectly fit the steel grouser shoe. You can attach the clip-on and bolt rubber pad to the steel shoe using a bolt-on bracket at each end. This makes it easy to access the nut and bolt and add, remove, or replace the accessory as per your needs and at your convenience.
  • Roadliner Rubber Track Pads
    ITR Roadliner track pads do not need steel grouser shoes. You can bolt them directly to the chain in place of the steel pad using four bolts in the center of it. You can use them for a multitude of tasks

Steel Tracks for Mini Excavators

Also commonly known as steel track groups, steel mini excavator tracks are durable and can help enhance the overall performance of your machine. If you are looking for ways to maximize your equipment’s capability, you can convert your current rubber track mini excavator to steel tracks. It helps to know that mini excavators by most reputable brands tend to have replaceable steel track group options.

Traxter MX (Mini EX Only)

Our Traxter MX rubber tracks are the ultimate choice for reliability, performance, and value. They come with an advanced lug side rubber compound for tear and chunk resistance and a unique roller side compound for crack resistance. It also has a continuous steel cord construction that provides more flexibility and strength. Our Traxter MX tracks have lug patterns that are application-specific and help improve traction. They are preferred for their forged and heat-treated metal cores and steel-coated core for corrosion resistance and longevity.

Camso SKS532 Tire

This new mini skid steer tire is one of the latest additions to the extensive inventory at Tag Equipment. It is the best general duty solution for extreme, off-road applications. Designed to deliver enhanced traction and durability, the tire offers high-performance. Also, it has a new premium compound and side-impact resistance for excellent value. Camso SKS532 tires come with the following features to help reduce the overall operating costs:

  • Extra deep tread with curved lugs
  • Self-cleaning stepped tread
  • Impact guard sidewall
  • Void guard tread for impact protection

Get Details About Our New Skid Steer & Excavator Attachments

As a leading supplier of construction equipment attachments in Canada, including mini excavators, compact track loaders, and skid steers, at Tag Equipment, we cater to the varied needs of our customers. Our experience and knowledge of equipment operation and sales allow us to provide you with the right products that fit your budget and specifications. Our aim is to supply high-quality attachments at a fair price.

We have experts to understand your needs, address your queries, and help you choose the right product that is best suitable for your equipment make and model. Whether you need a replacement skid steer rubber track or any other attachment for your mini excavator, including hydraulic hammers, tooth buckets, root rakes, and more, our specialists can recommend the best options.

For more information about our track loader components, skid steer accessories, and mini excavator attachments, feel free to reach out to us by calling 416-716-5850. You could also fill out our online contact form if you have any questions for us. We’ll be more than happy to guide you.