skid steer tracks

Over-The-Tire Skid Steer Tracks Improve Stability And Traction

Skid steer loaders are mighty little workhorses that come equipped to help you tackle your biggest challenges. Their small size and maneuverability allows them to operate in tight spaces. This makes them a popular choice for commercial construction sites and landscaping projects where digging and moving heavy materials are required.

Depending upon the needs of your operation, skid steers offer great versatility. Difficult terrains, such as mud, clay, loose rock, sand, snow and ice require extra traction and flotation. Sometimes the challenge comes from sensitive working environments such as excavation sites or newly laid asphalt and concrete. For such operations, over-the-tire (OTT) tracks can be conveniently attached to give skid steers added traction and flotation without damaging the surface. OTT tracks are also useful for temporary operations because they can usually be removed in less than an hour, transforming the skid steer from a track, back to a tire machine.

Why Choose Camso Solideal Skid Steer Tracks?

Camso Solideal offers one of the most advanced OTT track systems on the market. With high performance, all natural rubber compounds, rubber encased steel cables and unique tread design, you have an efficient, reliable solution for your skid steer. Easy to install and inexpensive to maintain, they offer superior protection and longer service life.

Other impressive features include:

  • Iron core to eliminate de-tracking
  • Internal traction ribs to maximize traction and flotation
  • Anti-friction protection for reducing wear on tire sidewalls and tracks

Optimize your equipment performance and lower operation costs with Camso Solideal high-performance OTT skid steer tracks. These quality products are distributed in the replacement market through a worldwide distribution network of authorized distributors. They can also be delivered directly to OEM assembly lines.

Discover the full lineup of rugged Camso Solideal OTT skid steer tracks at Tag Equipment, Canada’s preferred distributor.

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