HXD MX Rubber Tracks

Replacing Excavator Tracks – and Maintaining the Ones You Already Have

Excavators have to go through rough and often, virgin terrain, so the rubber tracks they have, need to be extremely durable and well-maintained. Because of the daily wear and tear your tracks take on, you will eventually need to replace them. Finding the right rubber tracks for your excavator can be easy just by following a few tips.

How to Find the Right Excavator Tracks

  • Application – Look for a rubber track that responds to the surface type your excavator will encounter. You want a track that covers the entire surface spectrum – rather than limiting you to a single type.
  • Cost – While cost should not be the only deciding factor; it is still important. By investing in a higher-quality tread, you may be able to extend the period between replacements. High performance tracks are best for high-usage; so, pay more upfront for a track that gives you maximum working hours.
  • Installation – Do you have the necessary tools and expertise to change and replace your own excavator tracks? Some dealers offer installation services and you should engage the help of a professional if you have never replaced tracks before.

Maintaining Your Rubber Tracks

After you have made the investment, you need to maintain your rubber tracks to get maximum working hours out of them. Some of the key maintenance tasks to keep in mind include:

  1. Only using the right type of OEM-approved track on your excavator.
  2. Using your rubber tracks on the terrain they were specified for. So, if you are working on jagged surfaces, use steel tracks. If you are working on muddy terrain, use rubber track treads.
  3. Maintain the correct tension on your rubber tracks. Your owner’s manual will specify the proper tension settings.
  4. Know how much weight your machine can handle and never overload your tracks.
  5. Do not make fast or sharp turns and limit how often your excavator tracks come into contact with jagged surfaces or rocks.
  6. Clean your tracks in between use. Even self-cleaning tracks need to be cleaned out – especially if the tracks come into contact with chemicals or oils.

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