What to Consider When Buying a Skid Steer Snow Blade

What to Consider When Buying a Skid Steer Snow Blade

When winter blankets everything in the snow, it is crucial to have the right equipment to keep properties clear and safe. If you are a compact machine owner in Canada, gearing up for the snowy season, snow removal attachments like skid steer snow blades are the perfect choice. They are essential for efficiently clearing snow from driveways, walkways, and commercial spaces. This guide will explore and help you understand the main aspects of purchasing a skid steer snow blade, ensuring you make an informed decision that suits your needs.

6 Things to Consider When Buying Snow Blade

Think About the Task on Hand

Consider the scale of snow removal tasks you need to manage. The size and nature of your job will influence the type and size of the snow blade you should choose. A compact one suffices for smaller areas, while larger spaces often require wider blades or attachments like skid steer snow pushers, pallet forks, or a salt spreader.

V-Plow vs Straight

Decide whether a V-plow or a straight blade better suits your needs.

  • A V-plow is versatile and great for maneuvering around obstacles, making it an excellent choice for properties with varied terrain.
  • On the other hand, a straight blade offers simplicity and efficiency for open spaces, making quick work of straight-line snow removal.


Setting a budget is crucial, but do not compromise on quality to save a small amount. A well-made snowblade might cost more upfront but can save you money in the long run by lasting longer and requiring fewer repairs. It is an excellent investment for hassle-free snow removal for years to come.

New vs Used

When considering a snow blade attachment for your skid steer, prioritizing new ones offers distinct advantages. They come with warranties, updated features, and assurance of optimal performance. You can avoid potential wear and tear associated with used options, ensuring durability and efficient snow removal throughout the winter season.

Blade Materials

The material of the snow blade affects its performance and longevity. The ones made from high-quality steel are durable and can withstand the abrasive nature of snow and ice. Additionally, explore options for cutting edges considering the following:

  • Steel cutting edges – are robust and suitable for heavy-duty work.
  • Poly-cutting edges – are gentler on delicate surfaces like asphalt.

Control System

The control system of your snow blade attachment impacts its ease of use. Choose between electric and hydraulic controls.

  • Hydraulic controls offer precise adjustments and are great for heavy-duty work.
  • Electric ones are simpler to install and operate.

3 Things to Look for in a V-Snow Blade Attachment

Trip Edge vs. Full Blade Trip

Consider whether you want a trip edge or full blade trip mechanism in your skid steer snow blade.

  • A trip edge system allows the blade to trip forward when it hits an obstacle, reducing stress on both the tool and the machine.
  • A full-blade trip system raises the attachment, enhancing performance on rough terrains.

Electric vs. Hydraulic Controls

The control system significantly affects your attachment’s performance.

  • Hydraulic controls are responsive and powerful, ideal for intense snow clearing.
  • Electric ones are simpler to install and operate, making them a practical choice for less frequent use.

Picking the Right Edge

Choosing the right edge for your snow blade is crucial.

  • Steel-cutting edges are durable and adequate on hard surfaces.
  • Poly-cutting ones are gentler on delicate areas and reduce the risk of surface damage.

Is a V-Shaped Blade the Right Choice for You?

As a compact machine owner in Canada, deciding between a V-shaped snow blade and a straight blade depends on your specific snow removal needs. Consider factors like the terrain you will be working on, the obstacles in the project, and the efficiency you want to achieve. A V-shaped blade might be the perfect fit for your snow removal arsenal if you want a versatile option that excels in maneuverability and effectiveness.

Explore Our Skid Steer Snow Blades to Upgrade Your Machine

Skid Steer Snow Blades

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