Useful Undercarriage Tips to Enhance an Excavator’s Performance

Top Undercarriage Tips to Prevent Costly Excavator Downtime

The undercarriage of tracked equipment, such as mini excavators, consists of many components that need proper maintenance to offer high performance. Also, if you do not routinely inspect and maintain the undercarriage of excavator tracks, it may lead to expensive downtime and a potential decrease in the track’s lifespan.

Tips to Maintain the Undercarriage of Excavator Tracks

  1. Keep the Undercarriage Clean
    The best way to maintain your excavator tracks is to remove dirt, pebbles, and other debris from the undercarriage. If you do not clean it regularly, it may cause premature wear. It helps to use pressure washers to clean the undercarriage.
  2. Examine the Undercarriage Regularly
    A complete inspection of the rubber tracks and undercarriage is essential. It helps to look for signs of uneven or excessive wear and missing or damaged components. If you use the machine for harsh applications or on challenging ground conditions, be sure to inspect the undercarriage more frequently and look for oil leakage. Also, follow your manufacturer’s instructions for proper undercarriage maintenance. Examine the following components regularly:

    • Drive motor and sprockets
    • Main idlers and rollers
    • Rock guards
    • Track chains, bolts, and shoes
    • Track tension

General Tips to Extend the Life of Your Excavator

  • Check the Position of the Drive Motor When Working on Slopes
    Constant operation on a hill or slope causes your tracks to wear quickly. This is why when using the equipment on a steep area, ensure that the drive motor is in the correct position for easy maneuverability.
  • Make Wider Turns
    It helps to know that frequent sharp turns and unnecessary spinning can cause the tracks to wear and raise the chances of de-tracking.
  • Choose the Right Track Shoe Width
    When selecting an excavator track shoe, consider the application and weight of the machine. Use narrow excavator shoes for rocky regions and hard soil, and wide shoes for soft underfoot conditions.
  • Select the Correct Grouser
    Choose the number of grousers per shoe according to the application of the excavator. Having a higher number of grousers will help reduce vibrations.
  • Keep Proper Track Tension
    It helps to know that if tracks are too tight or too loose, it can accelerate wear and reduce overall efficiency. This is why it is crucial to adhere to the proper tension.
  • Consider Using Rubber Tracks on Soft or Smooth Grounds
    Rubber tracks don’t sink easily, allowing excavators to work on soft ground conditions. They cause minimal ground disturbance on smooth surfaces, such as asphalt, grass, or concrete.
  • Follow Proper Digging Techniques
    It helps to adhere to the basic operating procedures and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reduce track degradation and wear.

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