10 Best HLA Skid Steer Attachments for Material Management

10 Best HLA Skid Steer Attachments for Material Management

The material handling industry is essential to many businesses, from manufacturing to warehousing and logistics. Efficient planning, control and transportation are crucial to maximizing productivity and profitability. One piece of equipment that has become increasingly popular in the industry for material management is the skid steer loader. It is a versatile machine that can perform several tasks, such as loading, unloading, and lifting, with various attachments.

HLA attachments are known for their quality and durability, making them a favourite among skid steer owners. Read on to learn how these accessories can help improve efficiency and productivity at your project site.

10 HLA Attachments to Manage Your Work Effectively

Boom Pole

It is ideal for lifting and moving heavy objects around your job site. This HLA attachment for skid steer loaders can lift items such as logs, pipes, and poles, making it an essential tool for any job site.

Tag Equipment carries top-grade HLA boom poles with a closed capacity of 3000 and 1500 lbs when extended.

Skid Steer Bucket

A bucket is a commonly used attachment by compact equipment owners. It is perfect for multiple applications and is the most versatile of all HLA attachments. The skid steer bucket is available in various sizes and shapes to suit your requirements. It is typically made of high-grade steel and reinforced with heavy-duty material to withstand heavy loads. You can also use it for moving and transporting materials, such as rocks, dirt, and debris.

Tag Equipment features regular and heavy-duty buckets for skid steer loaders, available with the following features:

  • 19” high and 31” deep
  • A size range of 48 inches to 84 inches
  • Reinforced top lip
  • An extended base and low back that allow proper visibility to the operator
  • Self-cleaning tapered plates

High Dump Bucket

This attachment allows you to dump materials higher than a standard bucket. It helps move materials into tall containers, bins, or trucks without an additional loader, making it a time-saving and efficient tool. It is beneficial when working in confined spaces where maneuvering large machinery is challenging.

You can find regular and high-volume dump buckets at Tag Equipment. They have exclusive flat bottoms that allow easy cleaning. This HLA attachment for sale is available from 60 inches to 96 inches.

Bucket and Regular Utility Grapple

The attachment combines the functionality of a bucket and a grapple. It is perfect for handling bulky and heavy materials and moving logs, rocks, and other debris. It has a hydraulic grapple that can grip and lift debris. You can also use this tool for land clearing, forestry, and construction.

Our selection includes regular utility grapples and standard buckets. They open up to 70 inches and are available in 72” / 84” / 96” sizes.

Scrap Grapple Bucket

It is a heavy-duty attachment for picking up and moving scrap metal, making it ideal for scrap handling and recycling. It has a high-strength grapple that can grab and hold onto heavy, bulky materials. These buckets have a rugged design that allows them to handle even the most demanding jobs.

Tag Equipment offers high-quality HLA buckets with two independent grapples. They are 31 inches high and 34 inches deep and available in 54” to 78” sizes.

Concrete Slab Lifter Bucket

This skid steer attachment is designed to lift and move concrete slabs. It has a hydraulic lifter to grip and lift concrete slabs efficiently and safely. It is perfect for construction sites, recycling, and projects that require handling heavy concrete slabs.

Our lineup of HLA attachments includes concrete slab lifting buckets with three heavy-duty shanks. They have rubber flex pins, replaceable points, and an optional hydraulic thumb.

Concrete Funnel Bucket

Its funnel-shaped bottom allows you to pour concrete into narrow, tight spaces, such as foundation footings, walls, and columns. This skid steer bucket is ideal for concrete pouring and construction projects.

Tag equipment carries HLA concrete funnel buckets compatible with most skid steer makes and models. They are 19 inches deep, 36 inches long and available in different sizes, including 48, 60, 72, and 78 inches.

Stone Fork

A stone fork is an attachment designed for lifting and moving large rocks and stones. It has sturdy, long tines that can grip and carry large and heavy boulders safely and efficiently, making it apt for material handling in landscaping, construction, and farming projects.

Our retainer style tines regular duty stone forks have 2.5 tine spacing and 1.25 shaft diameter. They are 40 inches deep and 23 inches high with a 5500 lbs capacity. The size range includes 55” / 62” / 70” / 77” / 84” and 92”.

Pallet Fork

This versatile skid steer attachment can lift and move pipes and bags of cement, blocks, and bricks. It has sturdy, wide tines that can grip and carry pallets of various sizes. It is perfect for construction sites, warehouses, and farming.

Our lineup of HLA skid steer attachments includes the following:

  • Mini pallet forks with 1200 lbs capacity
  • Heavy duty pallet forks with 2000 lbs capacity
  • 4200 lbs heavy-duty pallet forks
  • Pallet forks with a 5500 lbs capacity

Bucket with Digging Teeth

It is a heavy-duty attachment designed to dig through tough soil, gravel, and rocks. This attachment is perfect for excavating and digging deep holes or trenches. You can also use it to move materials across short distances.

Tag Equipment features regular and heavy-duty buckets with digging teeth. They are 19 inches high and 31 inches deep with a reinforced top lip. In addition, the tapered end plates help reduce material build-up and are self-cleaning.

Choose From Our Wide Range of HLA Attachments

Wide Range of HLA Attachments

If you want to buy high-quality HLA attachments for your skid steer loaders at the best prices, Tag Equipment can help you. As an authorized HLA attachments dealer in Canada, we carry various tools to meet our customers’ varied needs.

For more information about HLA attachments for sale, please complete the online contact form or call us at 416-716-5850. We will help improve your skid steer’s efficiency with our high-quality HLA attachments.