A Synopsis of Mini-Excavators and Their Rubber Tracks

A Synopsis of Mini-Excavators and Their Rubber Tracks

Mini-Excavators Are Proving to be Extremely Versatile Machines for Contractors

For any contractor, a key to success rests in their ability to effectively manage operating costs and hence maximize the profitability of each and every job.  This of course includes their labour and material costs, as well as certifying that all projects are implemented to appropriate specifications and completed on time.

But there is another important cost factor that enters into this equation, so to speak; the acquisition and maintenance of equipment that delivers the highest return in terms of its performance and versatility.  It simply makes sense that utilizing one piece of equipment for a longer period of time, and for multiple purposes, represents a much more profitable investment than having a large inventory of single-purpose or single-function machines.

And it is precisely this durability and versatility that has given rise to mini-excavators, or compact excavators, becoming very popular equipment with more and more contractors.

Mini-excavators offer the performance efficiencies of full-sized machines, like a backhoe, in a smaller unit.  As a result, when contractors want peak returns from their equipment, mini-excavators have been filling the bill, particularly on jobsites in which access is more restricted and/or where lighter-weight machines are desirable; such applications include:

  • Landscaping
  • Stump removal
  • Digging/trenching
  • Small demolition jobs
  • Snow plowing/removal
  • Utility and sewer repairs
  • And much more …

To that effect, compact or mini-excavators offer a number of advantages, most notably:

  • Better maneuverability in tight spaces
  • Less noise while in motion or in operation
  • Less rutting/damage to the job site surface
  • Compact to transport – by trailer or pickup truck
  • Same range of functions as the full-sized excavators
  • No special hauling permits/licenses needed (cost saving)

Although mini-excavators are exhibiting more widespread acceptance, size and versatility will not be sufficient to realize the maximum in functional and financial benefits.  Another critical aspect in this regard is the quality of the rubber tracks that are installed on these machines.

To ensure that they get high-quality rubber tracks for their compact or mini-excavators, contractors would be well-advised to deal with a reputable supplier like Tag Equipment in Stouffville, Ontario.


Rubber Tracks for All Makes and Models of Mini Excavators and Excavators

The rubber tracks installed on mini-excavators and excavators must provide contractors with a substantial return on their investment; it is just not cost-effective, not to mention highly unproductive, if the rubber tracks have to be replaced on a far-too-frequent basis.  Fortunately, the compact equipment experts from Tag Equipment carry superior quality rubber tracks designed to withstand the rigours of daily use and thereby ensuring that contractors receive the long-term durability and performance they need and expect.

Tag Equipment offers rubber tracks that deliver Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality, plus superior traction and durability, at after market prices; these rubber tracks include:


  • Camso MEX SD
    • The ideal solution for high performance in heavy-duty applications
    • Superior service life; resistance against damage, catastrophic failure


  • Camso MEX HXD
    • Specifically engineered to perform in extreme heavy-duty applications
    • Very effective in optimizing and maximizing uptime in severe conditions

The Tag Equipment team sells rubber tracks for all makes and models of mini-excavators and excavators from the following manufacturers:

  • Terex
  • Volvo
  • Yanmar

Visit mini-excavators to view a comprehensive list of mini-excavators and excavators for which contractors can obtain high-quality rubber tracks at Tag Equipment.

Make sure that superior quality rubber tracks are installed on your mini-excavators and excavators.  Call the compact equipment professionals from Tag Equipment today at 647-559-3703 and speak with one of our knowledgeable team members.

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