Mini Excavator

Choose Rubber Tracks Or Steel Tracks For Your Mini-Excavator

Mini excavators are essential machines, especially for construction projects in urban areas. Their size and versatility make them ideal for completing tasks in tight and narrow spaces. They can also be transported easily from one job site to another.

When considering a mini excavator for your jobsite, there are several options. The excavators can be equipped with rubber or steel tracks and you must decide based on the application, your machine and the job site. While this requires some thought, the correct solution will ensure a long performance life and boost productivity. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Rubber tracks are more affordable and ensure greater stability and flexibility during operation. They are ideal for dirt or grass surfaces, and can provide a high level of traction in most situations. Uneven surfaces or muddy worksites do require rubber tracks with a deeper tread for aggressive traction. However, rubber tracks can show more wear in a short amount of time and will need to be replaced.
  • Consider installing steel tracks for your mini excavator if you’ll be working in abrasive conditions and inclined terrains on a regular basis. The added weight of the steel tracks improves traction, flotation and stability. Rubber pads can be bolted on to prevent damage by steel tracks on concrete, pavement or sensitive surfaces. New tracks should always be tried out and tested for correct fit and compatibility.

Excavator tracks are designed with guide specifications to fit different machines and ensure smooth equipment operation in different terrains. It is important to choose the right track solution for your particular application.

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