Things You Should Know Before Buying Skid Steer Attachments

An Overview of Skid Steer Attachments

A skid steer loader is a compact and powerful machine with many uses. It is compatible with a variety of attachments that help you accomplish different tasks in different settings. Obtaining knowledge of these skid steer attachments can benefit you in many ways.

As a leading construction equipment and attachment supplier, we have put together a comprehensive guide to answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

Are Skid Steers Attachments Universally Compatible?

Your skid steer is likely to be compatible with most attachments but not all. Every skid steer may differ in design, features, capacity, and capability, which determines the compatibility with a specific attachment. Pairing your equipment to the attachment’s power requirements is essential for optimal performance. Using an incompatible skid steer attachment may reduce productivity and potentially harm the working environment. If you aren’t sure which attachments will work best with your equipment, it is best to consult your supplier.

What is the Procedure for Coupling Skid Steer Attachments?


  • Drive your machine toward the attachment while bending the work plate forward to match the angle of the coupling assembly.
  • Lift the coupler and lean it backward in the direction of your machine.
  • For powered coupling, hold the button in the cab to ensure the pins are attached.
  • To do it manually, connect the pins using the lever behind the coupling assembly.
  • Ensure your skid steer attachment is secure by bending it down and pulling it backward to check the assembly’s movement.
  • Check the owner’s manual of your attachment to make sure you follow any specific coupling instructions.


  • Separate the coupling pins by pulling the lever behind the attachment.
  • If you have a powered machine, use the button in the cab to automatically complete the job.
  • Now slowly drive the machine away from the attachment and ensure to lean the coupling assembly ahead until the top of it clears the work plate.
  • You have safely completed the uncoupling of the attachment.

What are the Most Useful Skid Steer Attachments


Grapple Bucket

This attachment is primarily used in industrial applications such as demolition and recycling on hard and flat surfaces. Tag Equipment offers HLA grapple buckets designed to handle abrasive loads.

Rock Bucket

This attachment is designed to pick up rocks and debris, especially on construction sites, farms, and fields.

Material Bucket

This skid steer attachment is meant to handle light to heavy-duty material in large quantities.


Pallet Forks

This attachment will allow your skid steer to work as a forklift. If you need to manage a considerable amount of material, you can slide in the tines and move the material around. The 5,500 LB CAP, heavy-duty HLA Pallet Fork we offer can be ideal for the job.


Land Plane

This is commonly used to clear and level land on construction sites when you need the ground to be finished and smooth for a new building project. We offer Bradco Cold Planers ideal for various applications such as small milling jobs, curb cutting, pavement texturing, and frost heave repair.


Stump Grinder
It removes tree stumps from the ground by grinding them into dust. Be aware of utility lines below the stump site if you are operating the attachment.


These skid steer attachments are versatile in digging, grappling, scooping, and carrying objects. Although they do not have mobility like a permanent backhoe machine, their lightweight capabilities make them useful for various operations, including landscaping.


These attachments are beneficial in landscaping, where you need to clear away rocks, sticks, and other materials efficiently. It is also helpful in crushing small debris, aerating the soil, and levelling the ground.


You need this skid steer attachment if you work with soil. It tills the soil, breaks through the rocks, and dense clumps to loosen it. You can also use it to mix compost or other additives into the soil.


Digging trenches is a complex operation, and trenchers are designed to do the job by digging through hard and rocky soil effectively. They come in different sizes, so you need to choose based on the required depth and width of your trench.


Sand or Salt Spreader

This one helps in distributing solid material on the ground. It attaches to the rear of a machine and disperses salt or sand as it moves along.

Rock Breakers

These skid steer attachments are specially designed to work on concrete or asphalt. Its main purpose is to break apart extremely tough materials. You need a skid steer with hydraulic power for a breaker.

How to Maximize the Use of Skid Steer Attachments?

It is crucial to take care of your skid steer attachment to ensure it keeps working efficiently year after year. Proper maintenance requires paying attention to all its parts for wear and tear. If you take care of the motor seals and machinery, it will increase the longevity of your attachment.

Your skid steer attachment’s hydraulic pieces can fail due to contamination. Dirt and debris can penetrate your equipment through couplers, so keeping them clean after each use is vital. Ensure to store your machine in a cool and clean area.

What Type of Skid Steer Attachments Need High Flow?

If you are looking to use your skid steer for heavy-duty tasks with powered attachments such as breakers and stump grinders, it is best to opt for high flow. High-flow machines can work effectively with heavy-duty attachments and even those that require low flow.

If your work involves using a bucket or spreader, you can choose a low-flow option that saves money. We suggest you consider your future work plans to make a wise investment.

Buy from the Best Range of Skid Steer Attachments

An Overview of Skid Steer Attachments

Tag Equipment is one of the most trusted construction equipment and attachment suppliers in Canada. We feature the best range of attachments for skid steers, mini excavators, loaders and other machines to cater to your needs and budget.

Here are some of the skid steer attachments we offer:

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