How to Ensure Your Skid Steer Attachments Pump Out Profits?

7 Steps to Ensure Your Skid-steer Attachments Pump Out Profits

Skid steers and compact track loaders (CTLs) feature hydraulic systems that drive the machines. However, dirt and metal are some of the reasons why excavator and skid steer attachments fail. To ensure high performance, it helps to inspect them regularly. Read on to learn how you ensure more profits by maintaining your construction equipment and their accessories.

Ensuring Your Skid Steer Attachments Offer High Performance

Examine the Quick Couplers

Quick couplers allow you to use a variety of attachments with your skid steers and CTLs. It helps to have precautions in place to limit contaminants from entering the equipment through quick couplers. Be sure to clean the quick connects and seal them properly when storing the accessories. Also, ensure that the caps tightly fit the attachments and are in place when they are not connected to the machine.

Keep Your Oil Fresh and Clean

Oil is an essential aspect that enhances the performance of an attachment. Keep the following in mind:

  • Ensure you top off the loader with the correct liquid to prevent fluid incompatibility.
  • Do not mix different brands of oils or hydraulic fluids to avoid premature wear of the skid steer attachment.
  • Use an oil that is specifically blended for your equipment.
  • In case you use different viscosities and oil types, do not utilize standard hydraulic oil.

Do Not Skip Oil Changes

Hydraulic fluids tend to deteriorate over time from being heated and cooled during regular operations. Overheated oil results in varnish, causing the valves of the equipment and other components to stick. Thus, you should check the oil cooler and make sure it is clean. Also, wipe the area around the hydraulic components to remove debris. Be sure to monitor the condition of the hydraulic oil by checking the colour and cleanliness. Inspect the hoses for signs of wear and replace them if needed.

Check for Leaks and Contamination

Air and water contamination can damage the skid steer attachments, especially in high humidity areas. Check the fluid level regularly and look for oil leaks. An inadequate amount of hydraulic oil can damage the pumps. Also, if the oil appears to be milky or foamy, it indicates a leak in the system, causing air to enter inside.

Check Skid Steer Attachments After a System Failure

If you notice contamination in the attachment or equipment, change the filters and use a new oil. If an attachment performs at a sub-par level, examine it for any sign of failure. Also, monitor the operating temperature range of the hydraulic system. In case of a major failure, leave a short interval between performing the necessary repairs and replacing the hydraulic filter and oil.

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Make Sure the Attachments Fit Properly

Each equipment has a unique set of performance requirements. Ensure that the skid steer attachment meets the specifications of the machine. Matching pressures and flows between the accessories and the loader helps to ensure optimal performance and protects the hydraulic system.

Conduct Oil Analysis Regularly

Oil analysis helps to catch problems early, saving repair costs. It can aid in determining premature wear, preventing equipment failure and downtime. If you notice that the carrier’s oil is contaminated, be sure to check all the attachments of the machine.

Get Top-Quality Skid Steer Attachments in Ontario

Top-Quality Skid Steer Attachments in Ontario
Running the machine properly, keeping the oil clean, and changing the hydraulic oil and filter more regularly can help maximize the life of your equipment and enhance your profits by reducing the operating costs and expensive downtime.

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