Avoiding Common Rubber Track Repair Mistakes

Rubber tracks are an essential part of the equipment such as mini excavators and skid steers that are commonly used on excavation sites. To ensure your Bobcat rubber tracks last long, you must know how to use them properly so you can avoid unnecessary repairs. When purchasing rubber tracks, it helps to understand how to prolong their life. Read on to learn about the common mistakes people make that can damage the tracks.

DIY Rubber Track Repair Doesn’t Ensure High-Performance

People often fail to realize that it is best to ask for professional assistance for inspecting tracked vehicles. This ensures the safety of the operator as well as those working nearby. It helps to remember that such things should never be entrusted to methods found on social media websites, no matter how detailed and accurate they look.

If you find any signs of wear on the tracks of your equipment, look into it immediately. The proper treatment is to look for replacement rubber tracks from a reputable dealer and replace the old ones by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Common Rubber Track Repair & Replacement Mistakes to Avoid

Bobcat rubber tracks often tend to break down due to the following reasons:

  • Inadequate Maintenance
    It is crucial to inspect the tracks regularly and maintain the undercarriage parts. Worn sprockets and rollers can cause severe damage if you do not replace them promptly.
  • Ignoring the Signs of Wear
    If you find signs of wear and tear on your rubber tracks, you should replace them immediately. Do not overlook them because old and worn out tracks can lead to mishaps on the work site, increasing the chances of injury and loss of time and money.

It helps to keep the following things in mind to avoid common rubber track repair mistakes:

  • Avoid Too Much Tension
    Always refer to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) manual to learn about the proper tension and be sure to inspect the tracks every week. It helps to remember that different vehicles need different tension to ensure that the tracks last longer.
  • Beware of the Contaminants
    Oil, chemicals, salt and other similar elements can damage the tracks. Avoid them to ensure your tracks are in good condition. Also, keep an eye out for grease and hydraulic oil that may drip onto the rubber tracks.
  • Don’t Trust Rubber Track Hacks
    You may find many online self-help videos that show how to repair rubber tracks. However, they may not guarantee high-performance and instead increase the chances of accidents on the work site, eventually jeopardizing your reputation as a contractor.
  • Avoid Impromptu Repairs
    Continuing your work after performing temporary repairs on old rubber tracks can be catastrophic. Fixing them so they hold up long enough for you to relocate the vehicle to a more conducive location to replace the rubber tracks is the ideal way to deal with such problems.

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Avoiding Common Rubber Track Repair Mistakes
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