Pick-Up Broom Attachments for Skid Steers

Pick-Up Broom Attachments Convert Skid Steer Loaders into Jobsite Sweepers

Pick-Up Broom Attachments for Skid Steers

One of the less appealing aspects of working on jobsites or in industrial yards/facilities is the need to sweep or clean up those sites on a daily basis and/or at the conclusion of the projects. While this might seem like a minor footnote within the overall scope of a job, it is nonetheless important from the standpoints of environmental responsibility, workplace safety, and yes, optics or public perception.

Hydraulic Rotary Broom

It is important to note that the type of clean-up and/or the area to be cleaned cannot be adequately addressed by using the straw-broom-and-dustpan approach that might work when sweeping out the garage of a family home. The former are larger-scale tasks that must be done with mechanical equipment; and an ideal choice would be a skid steer that has been transformed into a sweeper

Skid steer sweepers

In actual fact, this so-called transformation is rather straightforward; it merely requires fitting pick-up broom attachments onto existing skid steers. This not only reinforces the versatility of a skid steer but also represents another way that contractors can maximize their investment in this increasingly-popular type of equipment, i.e. making it a sweeper.

Pick-up brooms are very effective tools for sweeping, collecting, and eventually dumping dirt and other worksite debris. In terms of how they work, pick-up brooms have bristles mounted on the end of a tube that can be moved or directed by a skid steer operator via a hydraulic motor; the bristles simply sweep dirt and debris into an attached bucket, just like the straw-broom-and-dustpan concept described above.

Skid steer sweepers can be used to clean up any number of work environments; some of the many jobsites/surfaces where their effectiveness in sweeping/scraping away dirt and debris would be of value include:

  • Docks
  • Sidewalks
  • Warehouses
  • Storage facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Roads/curbs/gutters
  • Parks/sports facilities
  • Parking lots or garages
  • And much more …

Pick-up broom attachments, and thus skid steer sweepers, are vitally important pieces of compact equipment for jobsites where dirt, dust, or debris must be collected, contained, and removed. By investing in quality pick-up brooms, contractors can effectively satisfy this job requirement while simultaneously optimizing the onsite use of their skid steers.

Professional Advice on the Right Pick-Up Broom Attachments for Your Jobsites

To purchase high-quality skid steer attachments, including pick-up brooms, contractors need look no further than Tag Equipment in Stouffville, Ontario.  The compact equipment specialists at Tag Equipment have extensive knowledge of all makes of skid steer loaders and their corresponding attachments, and can therefore help contractors in choosing the right pick-up broom attachments for their respective type or types of work.

The pick-up brooms with Tag Equipment’s inventory of skid steer attachments include:

  • HLA Pick-Up Brooms
    • Hydraulic rotary pick-up broom
    • Direct motor drive on the broom
    • Includes hydraulic hoses/couplers
  • Alitec Pick-Up Brooms
    • Bolt-on cutting edge to help loosen debris
    • Has forward and reverse sweeping directions
    • Lightweight for mounting on low-lift capacity loaders

To learn more about the pick-up brooms available through Tag Equipment in Stouffville, Ontario, browse through our page about skid steer broom attachments.

For additional information and advice on the purchase of pick-up broom attachments to convert your skid steer loader into a handy jobsite sweeper, call the compact equipment experts from Tag Equipment at 647-559-3703 today and ask to speak with one of our well-informed representatives.