CAT® Skid Steer Tracks Available at TAG Equipment

CAT is one of the leading manufacturers of construction loaders and machinery. They have a skid steer loader for just about every type of job; in fact, they have over 300 machines currently on the market and plenty more in the works for the future.

Finding CAT® Tracks

Most CAT loaders and skid steers run on rubber tracks. These offer exceptional versatility, traction, and stability over a wide range of terrains and conditions. While all CAT skid steers are designed for maximum performance and safety, the quality of replacement on the skid steer tracks can enhance or decline that performance. For the best performance from your CAT, Camso skid steer tracks are ideal because:

  • They are designed with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality.
  • They offer superior durability – including heavy-duty reinforced carcasses.
  • They are specifically designed for advanced high wear-resistance even on the roughest terrains.
  • They offer 50 percent or higher service life than standard CAT replacement tracks.

Landscape ConstructionWhen looking for replacement wheels for these loaders, you can choose between flat-proof solid tires and pneumatic air-filled tires. Flat-proof tires are ideal for shock absorption and areas that are prone to puncturing tires. Air-filled, on the other hand, offer better traction and stability on rougher terrain, including mud.

In addition to replacement skid steer tracks for your CAT, TAG Equipment also carries a full line of CAT attachments that power your CAT to:

  • Dig postholes
  • Cut trenches
  • Haul earth
  • Palletize material
  • Break concrete
  • Haul rock and snow

Our inventory features a range of CAT attachments and tracks for models that include skid steer loaders and mini excavators.

CAT® Model Numbers:

216, 226D, 232D, 236D, 242D, 246D, 262D, 226B Series 3, 272D, 272D XHP, 272D2,  272D2 XHP, 247, 247B2, 257, 257B2, 267, 267B, 277, 277B, 277C, 287C, 297C, 287, 287B, 259, 259B3, 269C, 279C, 289C, 299C, 279C2, 289C2, 301.5, 301.5CR, 301.8C 301.6C, 301.8, 301.6, 302.5, 302.5C,303.5, 303CR,303.5C CR, 303C CR, 304DCR ,304C, 304.5, 304CR, *305CR,304C CR, 305C CR, 307, 307A, 307B, 307C, 307CCA , 307CAC, 308, 308BSR, 308CCR, 308CSR, 308D CRSB, E70, E70B

TAG Equipment carries the latest CAT skid steer tires, tracks and attachments at competitive after market prices. Call us today at 416-716-5850 or fill out an online form for more information.