Find and Measure Tracks

How to Find & Measure Replacement Rubber Tracks for Your Machine

When you notice a few cracks appearing on the track of your machine, they keep losing tension, or you discover lugs missing, it may be time to replace them with a new set.

If you are looking for replacement rubber tracks for your mini excavator, skid steer, or any other machine, you need to be aware of the required measurements, as well as essential information such as the types of rollers to find the right replacement.

Things You Must Know When Buying Replacement Rubber Tracks

Buying Replacement Rubber Tracks
To ensure that you have the right part for your machine, you should know the following:

  • The make, year, and model of your compact equipment.
  • Size or number of the track you require.
  • The guide size.
  • How many tracks require replacement?
  • The kind of roller you need.

Measuring the Size of Your Rubber Track

Generally, the track has a stamp with the information about its size on the inside. If you don’t find the mark for the size, you can get an estimate of it yourself by adhering to the industry standard and following the steps mentioned below:

  • Measure the pitch, which is the center to center distance between the drive lugs, in millimeters.
  • Measure its width in millimeters.
  • Count the total number of links, also known as teeth or drive lugs, in your machine.
  • The industry standard formula to measure the size is:
    Rubber Track Size = Pitch (mm) x Width (mm) x Number of Links

Finding and Measuring Your Guide Size

It would also help to know about the guide system of the track and its size in order to prevent it from jamming, breaking, or being thrown from the machine. The system refers to the interlocking of wheels with the links inside a rubber track, and the guide comprises of the trough and the links.

  • Figure out the Outside Guide Bottom (OG), which refers to the gap across the outer bottoms of two links.
  • You also need to know the Inside Guide Bottom (IG), which is the gap between the inner bottoms of two links.
  • Mark the Outside Height (OH), or the height of the link from outside the trough.
  • Find the Inside Height (IH), which is the height of the link from inside its trough.
  • The industry standard formula to measure guide size is:
    Guiding System Size = Inside Guide Bottom (IG) x Outside Guide Bottom (OG) x Inside Lug Height (IH)

Measure the Inner Circumference of the Rubber Track

You can quite easily measure the inner circumference if you know the pitch and the number of links.

Inner Circumference = Pitch (in mm) x Number of Links

Varieties of Rubber Track Rollers

The two primary types are listed below:

  • Center Rollers – They run between the links of the rubber track.
  • Flange Rollers – They are outside the links.

Camso Tracks for Your Machine

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