Choose Over The Tire Tracks for Your Machine

Why You Should Choose Over The Tire Tracks for Your Machine

Construction is a demanding industry with tight deadlines and challenging working conditions. Productivity is the key in this business, which is why high-quality machinery is necessary. You might be happy with the way your machine works now, but over the tire rubber tracks (OTT) can genuinely enhance the efficiency and functionality of your compact equipment by a large margin. Here are the benefits of opting for over the tire tracks:

Advantages of Over The Tire Tracks

Advantages of Over The Tire Tracks

  • Enhanced Versatility, Traction & Stability
    The OTT tracks offer more lateral balance and traction in snow, ice, and sand, which is quite useful, especially if you want to work on steep and hilly terrains, drive on loose gravel and soil, or get into tighter spots. Additionally, over the tire tracks also make it easier to move about on wet and muddy areas without getting stuck.
  • Increased Mobility & Flotation
    Construction often calls for working in an environment with various obstacles such as large tree branches, rocks, and demolition debris. OTT tracks are ideal for working in such areas. The principal selling point for over the tire rubber tracks is that they can add around 30-40 working days per year to the schedule of a contractor, thereby, improving productivity.
  • Better Control Over the Machine
    Since the OTT tracks are capable of providing enhanced lateral stability and offer better overall control of the machine, they prove to be safer. They reduce the chances of any accidents and mishaps on the construction site, which in turn, enhances the contractor’s reputation.
  • Better Tire Protection
    By using OTT tracks, you can protect the tires of your machinery against damage due to punctures caused by scrap on site. They will help you preserve the life of the tires and prolong their service, making them more cost-effective in the long run.
  • Easy Installation
    The OTT tracks are accompanied by installation kits that make the entire process of attaching and removing them easy and convenient. You can equip your machine with over the tire tracks within minutes, minimizing downtime.

High-Quality Over The Tire Rubber Tracks Can Make All the Difference

If you are looking for rubber tracks for your mini excavator or Bobcat rubber tracks over tires, Tag Equipment is the right place. We are one of the top mini excavator rubber tracks suppliers in Canada.

We have the highest-quality over the tire tracks and offer a non-prorated warranty. Our Camso OTT tracks are workhorses that provide superior protection and a long service life. Optimize the functionality and add versatility to your equipment with our high-performance over the tire tracks. Explore our lineup for add-ons to enhance the flexibility and usability of your excavator, skid steer, or CTL.

If you have any queries about our OTT tracks, do not hesitate to contact us. You may reach out to our specialists by calling 647-559-3703.

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