Handy Tips to Keep Your CTL & Skid Steer Tracks in Top Shape

Handy Tips to Keep Your CTL & Skid Steer Tracks in Top Shape

Regular maintenance of CTL and skid steer tracks can help you to keep them in excellent condition and lengthen their lifespan. Although choosing the right accessory for your equipment is the first step to obtaining more returns, a machine is only as good as it is handled. It helps to maintain the tracks in top shape to enhance the overall performance of the vehicle. Check out a few tips to keep your skid steer and CTL rubber tracks in excellent condition.

Useful Tips to Maintain Rubber Tracks in Great Shape

  1. Regular Maintenance
    The best way to maintain tracks is to train equipment operators on the right maintenance techniques. It also helps to monitor the performance of the machine to prevent any potential problems. Taking the time to maintain the tracks can help you get more mileage from your vehicles. Also, this can save money in replacement costs and minimize downtime.
  2. Consider Usage of the Equipment
    Operating the machine on harsh terrains such as rocks and debris will cause more wear on the rubber tracks. Also, frequent and sharp changes of direction or counter-rotation can cause the undercarriage to wear prematurely. To reduce the damage, it helps to train the operators on the right operation methods.
  3. Clean the Rubber Tracks
    In addition to using proper operating and maintenance techniques, the operators must clean the tracks and undercarriage regularly. This is because cleanliness impacts the wear rate of the skid steer and CTL rubber tracks. Depending on the applications of the equipment, you can determine the frequency of cleaning. It helps to remove abrasive material, such as sharp rocks, gravel and mud, as often as possible to reduce the buildup. Also, use a pressure washer, if necessary.
  4. Enhancing Track life
    If maintained well, your tracks can last longer than their average life. It helps to inspect the undercarriages closely. Be sure to perform visual checks, examine track condition and tension daily, and lubricate regularly. Refer to the equipment manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, ensure that the tracks are installed correctly.

Quick Tips to Enhance the Performance of Your Rubber Tracks

  • Purchase the right tracks for your skid steer or CTL model
  • Drive carefully and stay on track
  • Be cautious when operating on harsh ground conditions
  • Avoid too much tension
  • Make it a habit to clean debris from the tracks thoroughly
  • Rotate the tracks regularly to keep them working
  • Avoid direct sunlight when the equipment is stored by keeping it in a secure place

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