Enhancing the Life of Your CTL Rubber Tracks

How to Get the Most Out of Your CTL Rubber Tracks

The rubber tracks are a critical part of a compact track loader. They have a direct impact on the performance of the equipment, which is why it is essential to install high-quality tracks. In addition to this, it is also crucial to understand the different ways that can help you get the most out of your CTL rubber tracks.

Getting the Most Out of the Rubber Tracks in Compact Track Loaders

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you enhance the life of your CTL rubber tracks:

  • Choose the Right Rubber Tracks
    Selecting the tracks that are compatible with your machine can help increase their longevity. In addition to this, maintaining proper tension and operating the equipment skillfully can also contribute towards enhancing the life of your CTL tracks. It also helps to know where and how to operate the machine.
  • Stay Away from the 3 R’s
    The ground surfaces where you operate your compact track loader can directly impact the life of your rubber tracks. It helps to remember that rocks, rebar, and roots tend to damage them by causing cuts and difficult paved surfaces lead to extra abrasion. Operating in less aggressive conditions such as sand, grime, or levelled turf can enhance their life.
  • Operator Care
    The following are a few useful operating tips to help enhance the life of your CTL rubber tracks:

    • Avoid frequent counter-rotation and extreme spinning.
    • Remember that three-point turns are a better option.
    • It helps to consider the slope of the surface.
    • When working on difficult surfaces such as concrete or asphalt, it helps to sprinkle sand on the floor.
    • When operating over an obstacle or curb, come at it head-on instead of moving at an angle to avoid wearing out the tracks.
  • Watch for Signs of Stress
    Follow the manufacturer’s instructions accurately. Modify the strain according to the requirements by adding or removing grease from the cylinder. Examine the tension of the tracks and make sure there is no sag. It helps to check the strain every 10-15 of use. This is because tracks that are stretched too tight throughout the undercarriage may wear out quickly and consume more gas and horsepower.
  • Replace the Rubber Tracks
    Analyze the condition of your CTL rubber tracks after working on different job sites. This can help you understand how different surfaces impact them. Spot the signs that indicate you need to replace them to help enhance the overall performance of the machine and ensure safety.

We Carry a Wide of Range of Premium Quality CTL Rubber Tracks

Premium Quality CTL Rubber Tracks

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