Skid Steer HLA Attachments for Construction at Tag Equipment

Skid Steer HLA Attachments for Construction at Tag Equipment

In construction and demolition, the choice of attachments is pivotal. Tag Equipment, a Canadian-based industry leader, offers an unparalleled selection of HLA attachments for skid steers. As a compact equipment owner, you understand the pivotal role attachments play in streamlining your projects. Here are the reasons why we stand out as a reliable HLA attachments dealer:

Canadian Excellence

Based in Canada, Tag Equipment understands the unique demands of the worksites in the country, offering compact equipment attachments tailored to tackle diverse terrains and weather conditions.

Diverse Range

We feature various HLA skid steer attachments meticulously designed for construction and demolition precision.

Reliability Redefined

Tag Equipment is synonymous with reliability. Our products promise durability, efficiency, and unmatched performance, ensuring you can trust your equipment to deliver consistently.

Tailored Solutions

Whether you are sweeping, lifting, or handling heavy materials, we have the perfect attachments to meet your specific needs.

Read on to delve into the top HLA attachments that can transform your construction and demolition projects.

Top 13 HLA Skid Steer Attachments in Our Inventory

Hydraulic Rotary Broom

You can enhance the efficiency of your cleanup tasks with the HLA Hydraulic Rotary Broom. Its precision and productivity make it an ideal choice for sweeping away debris, ensuring your worksite remains immaculate.

We carry 72” and 84” rotary brooms with unique lateral and forward float, electric selector valve, and reversible rotation.

HLA Pick Up Broom

For versatility and precision, you can turn to our HLA Pick-Up Broom. Experience a thorough sweep with minimal effort, showcasing the attachment’s efficiency in keeping your site clean and organized.

Our HLA skid steer attachments inventory includes pick-up brooms ranging from 72”, 84”, and 96” with direct motor drive.

HLA Boom Pole

You can effortlessly lift and position materials with the HLA Boom Pole. This skid steer attachment is designed for durability and efficiency and is a reliable choice for various lifting tasks on your construction site.

Our boom pole has a 3000 lbs closed capacity and 1500 lbs extended capacity.

Skid Steer Bucket

The Tag Equipment Skid Steer Bucket is a testament to strength and resilience. Ideal for heavy-duty digging and material handling, this tool ensures you can tackle challenging tasks with ease.

Bucket with Digging Teeth

Maximize digging efficiency with the HLA Bucket featuring durable digging teeth. This skid steer attachment is engineered for tackling challenging terrains, providing optimal performance in demanding conditions.

High-Volume Snow Bucket

You can efficiently conquer winter challenges with the high-volume snow bucket. Meticulously engineered to handle large snow loads effortlessly, this tool ensures productivity even in adverse weather conditions.

High Dump Bucket

High dump buckets are designed for efficient material discharge and are a game-changer for streamlining demolition and construction tasks.

Bucket and Regular Utility Grapple

You can combine the functionality of a bucket and utility grapple seamlessly with this HLA skid steer attachment. It helps to enhance your versatility on the job, providing a multifaceted solution for various tasks.

Scrap Grapple Bucket

Efficiently handle scrap materials with the scrap grapple bucket. Ideal for demolition projects, this attachment ensures you can tackle tasks with precision and ease.

Concrete Slab Lifter Bucket

You can optimize concrete slab handling with this HLA skid steer attachment. It ensures precision and safety on the construction site, making it an essential tool for any concrete-related task.

HLA Concrete Funnel Bucket

Efficiently pour and place concrete with precision using the HLA concrete funnel bucket. Crafted for seamless placement, it redefines precision in concrete pouring tasks by ensuring controlled and accurate pouring, minimizing wastage. This tool’s innovative design elevates efficiency, making it indispensable for any concrete-related undertaking.

HLA Stone Fork

Simplify stone handling with the HLA stone fork, a robust tool designed for durability and precision. This skid steer attachment ensures efficient and safe transportation of stones, streamlining your construction processes.

We feature stone forks ranging from 55” to 92” with retainer-style tines and 5500 lbs capacity.

Skid Steer Pallet Fork

Tag Equipment’s pallet forks for skid steers are your go-to solution for efficient material handling. With a robust design and versatile capabilities, these attachments ensure effortless lifting and transportation of palletized loads. You can trust in their strength and precision to enhance your machine’s productivity on the job. We feature the following types to meet varied needs:

  • 900 lb Light-Duty Pallet Fork: You can rely on this pallet fork for light-duty lifting tasks. This attachment offers reliability and ease of use and is perfect for a range of lifting applications on your construction site.
  • HLA Mini Pallet Fork: Navigate tight spaces effortlessly with the compact and versatile HLA mini pallet forks. Perfect for several lifting applications, they enhance the agility of your equipment on the job.
  • 2,000 lb Heavy Duty Pallet Fork: You can confidently handle heavier loads using the skid steer pallet fork with a capacity of 2,000 lb. This attachment ensures stability and strength, making it a reliable choice for demanding lifting tasks.
  • 4,200 lb Heavy Duty Pallet Fork: When strength is paramount, the 4,200 lb capacity pallet fork excels in managing substantial loads with precision. This robust and durable attachment can elevate your equipment’s lifting capabilities.
  • 5,500 lb Heavy Duty Pallet Fork: This tool delivers unmatched performance and durability for the most demanding lifting tasks. You can trust this attachment to handle heavy loads with ease and precision.

Elevate Your Skid Steer’s Performance with HLA Attachments

HLA attachments in Canada

If you are a compact equipment owner looking for top-tier HLA attachments in Canada, Tag Equipment is the best choice. Based in Canada, we offer an extensive array of HLA attachments tailored to meet your specific needs in construction and demolition.

Your construction and demolition tasks deserve the best, and Tag Equipment is here to deliver excellence. Explore our comprehensive range of HLA attachments designed to meet the highest industry standards. Whether you need precision in sweeping, efficiency in lifting, or durability in handling heavy loads, we have the perfect solution.

Call us at 416-716-5850 to learn more about our HLA skid steer attachments line-up. You could also fill out our online form if you have any questions.

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