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How Cheap Rubber Tracks Can Cost You More in the Long Run

One of the essential features of a tracked vehicle such as a skid steer is its tracks. It is necessary to choose the right type of track that is compatible with your equipment to ensure high performance and avoid breakdown. Although some people feel that buying Camso rubber tracks that comparatively cost more is not beneficial, they often prove to be a wiser choice.

Factors to Consider When Buying Skid Steer & Excavator Rubber Tracks

Purchasing cheap rubber tracks may initially help you save money, but it can cost you more in the long run. This is why you must think twice before buying discounted excavator or skid steer rubber tracks. Here are the reasons why tracks from big brands such as Camso are better:

  • Economy
    You may feel that buying tracks at discounted prices is a great way to save money. This may be true when you buy it, but you need to ask yourself why the vendor is offering them so cheap. This is because less expensive tracks often do not guarantee quality and performance, causing you to spend more money on maintenance and repairs. Ultimately, buying cheap parts for your equipment at discounted prices now means spending more money in future.
  • Safety
    Poor performance increases the chances of damage to your equipment, the site and property, and to the operator. On slopes and in confined areas, using substandard quality cheap rubber tracks can contribute to inadequate handling of the equipment, often leading to mishaps and breakdowns. Thus, low-quality, cheap skid steer and excavator tracks can compromise safety. It also has a negative impact on you as a contractor, if the number of accidents is high on your work sites.
  • Operational Costs
    Most people do not realize that the amount of money initially saved by purchasing tracks at discounted prices can quickly be diminished by the cost of replacing them frequently. Although tracks tend to wear with time, if you buy low-quality products, you may end up buying replacement rubber tracks more often.
  • Added Value
    People also tend to overlook the added benefits of product support and customer service that you can get when purchasing Camso rubber tracks. Asking the following questions when buying new tracks can help you in the long run:

    • Will they be in stock when I want to reorder them?
    • Will I get them in a reasonable amount of time?
    • Is the vendor easily accessible and responsive?
    • Can I get expert assistance if I have concerns about the sizing and compatibility?

Consider purchasing from a vendor who sells high-quality products and offers excellent customer service and support.

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How Cheap Rubber Tracks Can Cost You More in the Long Run
If you are looking for high-grade excavator or skid steer replacement rubber tracks, consider the following manufacturers’ products:

  • Bobcat Rubber Tracks
  • Camso Tracks
  • Case Construction Equipment Tracks
  • Kubota Tracks

At Tag Equipment, we understand that purchasing top-quality tracks can ensure safety and maximize the efficiency of your equipment. We have an extensive inventory of excavator and skid steer rubber tracks for sale. We will also make sure that you get the most suitable replacement rubber tracks that are compatible with your machine.

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