Best Application-Specific Skid Steer Tires

How to Choose the Right Application-Specific Skid Steer Tires

Skid steers have several applications across industries, including agriculture, landscaping, construction, mining, and more. You can use them on different grounds such as sand, concrete, mud, hard-packed dirt, and asphalt. Using suitable attachments, they can carry heavy weights, move, load and unload materials, and clear snow off roads and curbs. They are ideal for various jobs like excavating, digging, drilling, and snow removal. Right tires are required to ensure they are perfectly mobile. It helps to know that skid steer tires play a crucial role in getting the job done on time and efficiently. Read on to learn about choosing tires for different purposes to get the most out of your compact equipment.

Types of Skid Steer Tires

Solid Tires

Solid or flat-proof tires are not filled with air but are made using high-quality rubber compounds. They are perfect for applications where cuts and flat tires are a significant problem. You can use them for working in scrap yards, the recycling industry, construction sites with sharp debris and metal pieces, and other harsh terrains. These tires are economical and have a high loading capacity.

Pneumatic Tires

These skid steer tires are more versatile, cost-effective, and suitable for various applications. They work best on uneven grounds, offer a more comfortable ride, and are available in many tread designs, depths, and quality levels.

  • Standard Pneumatic Tires
    They are entry-level tires, perfect for light to medium-duty applications, including landscaping and construction.
  • Premium Pneumatic Tires
    They have added protection for the rim guards and sidewalls to shield the wheel and protect against continuous twisting and impacts.
  • Severe-Duty Tires
    These pneumatic tires are designed for heavy-duty applications and are a wise choice for hard surfaces and muddy grounds. You can use them in quarries, mines, and for agricultural purposes. They are made using wear-resistant compounds and have an extra deep tread depth.

Skid Steer Tires for Different Applications

Standard Duty

These skid steer tires are best for regular machine-hour applications such as agriculture and landscaping jobs. They are designed for maximum traction and off-road conditions to reduce the chances of downtime and increased productivity. These tires have thick sidewalls to ensure resistance to puncture and damage. They also have a special bead guard for wheel and tire protection.

Heavy Duty

These tires for skid steers are perfect for all construction and industrial jobs. They have extra thick, durable sidewalls, bead guards, and additional under-thread protection to avoid wheel damage and chunking. They are made using superior rubber compounds with self-cleaning abilities and better wear and resistance to flats to suit rough and high-hour applications.

Versatile Duty

In addition to construction and industrial tasks, versatile duty skid steer tires are ideal for recycling job sites and other severe applications. These aggressive long-lasting tires are best suited for mixed and hard surfaces. They have excellent tread depth and lug-to-void ratio, which help enhance the tire’s service life by reducing downtime due to punctures, cuts, or side impacts.

Severe Duty

Severe duty skid steer tires are adequate for rocky terrains, demolition sites, waste and recycling tasks, and other aggressive and demanding jobs. They have long-lasting treads to ensure durability and an enhanced lifespan. These tires are best for moderate to hard surfaces such as rocks and dirt and occasional usage on mud or concrete.

Skid Steer TireDescriptionSurface Type
Solid TiresSmooth TiresBest suited for asphalt and concrete surfaces
Industrial TiresIdeal for rocky terrains and maneuvering through dirt and great for all demolition and construction applications
Off-Road TiresPerfect for operating on mud, dirt, and clay
Pneumatic TiresHard DutyGreat for concrete and asphalt, and can also be used for working on dirt and mud
Severe DutyExcellent for operating on rocks, concrete, and dirt
Versatile DutySuitable for soil, clay, and rocks
Heavy DutyIdeal for working on mixed surfaces such as mud, clay, and dirt
Standard DutySuitable for soft terrains such as snow, sand, and turf and mixed surfaces comprising dirt, clay, and mud.

Which Tire is Right for My Skid Steer?

When buying skid steer tires, it is wise to consider your applications and unique situation to find suitable options. Here are a few essential questions to ask yourself to help you make your decision:

  • How often will I use the compact equipment?
  • Which applications will I use the skid steer for?
  • Will it carry heavy loads as part of the project?
  • Do the operators feel comfortable handling the machine with a specific set of tires?
  • What type of turn radius will I need?
  • Will the job site sharp rocks and debris that may lead to cuts and punctures?
  • What types of ground conditions will I need these tires to work on?
  • How much traction will be required to operate the skid steer smoothly?
  • How often can I perform maintenance tasks on the tires?
  • Will I have any space constraints?
  • Will I use the skid steer inside, outside, or both?

In addition to these questions, research your machinery to find the right tire type and size. Be sure to contact reputable suppliers who have the knowledge and expertise to help you choose suitable skid steer tires for smooth and efficient operation.

We Offer a Wide Range of Skid Steer Tires

A Complete Buyer’s Guide for Skid Steer Attachments

Tag Equipment is a leading supplier of skid steer tires. We feature an extensive selection of high-quality solid or flat-proof tires, no air skid steer tires, and air-filled or pneumatic tires to meet varied needs. Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right tires for a smooth, safe ride and hassle-free experience.

Skid Steer Tire Brands We Offer

We carry superior and affordable products by reputable manufacturers in the industry, including the following:

  • Camso
  • Galaxy
  • PrimeX
  • Traxter

In addition to tires, our selection also includes rims or steel wheels to reduce the chances of downtime and tire chains to improve traction in snow and mud.

For more information about our skid steer tires, you may call us at 416-716-5850 or fill out our online contact form.

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