How to Choose Your New Mini Excavator Tracks for your Kubota

The efficiency of your Kubota mini excavator is dependent not only on the machine, but also to a large extent on the tracks driving it. That is why when it is time for new mini excavator tracks, you have to select your replacements carefully. You need to analyze the complex features of these tracks and determine how to maximize your payload for the cost.

Tips for Selecting Excavator Tracks

When evaluating rubber tracks for sale, it is imperative you consider the following:

  • Size – Mini excavators do not have universal track sizes. Therefore, to avoid tracks that are too small or too large for your machine, you will need to ensure proper sizing. You can do so by measuring the existing tracks on your machine. The sizing information should be stamped on the rubber. Also, refer to the manufacturer’s guide to see which size replacements are appropriate for your model of excavator.
  • Iron Core – The right iron core can eliminate detracking and ensure a smoother, quieter ride for your excavator operator. Also, the right external iron core can extend the life of your excavator’s undercarriage components. Internal iron cores can also reduce maintenance cost. The Camso HXD for example, has a unique 3S external and internal iron core system.
  • Application – The tread pattern will determine application for your excavator. For example, the Camso HXD is designed for demolition, rough and abrasive terrain while the Camso SD is designed for general construction, dirt and pavement terrain. Kubota’s K008-3 mini excavator has an adjustable width track frame to enable passage through narrow spaces such as doorways and gates.
  • Carcass Design – Carcass punctures can reduce the efficiency of your rubber tracks and force you to replace them sooner than necessary. Look for a brand of excavator tracks that offers rubber sealed cables for corrosion protection, and a thicker-cut and gouge-resistant carcass to avoid unnecessary punctures.
  • Compounds – The compound used to design and manufacture rubber tracks will ultimately determine track wear. Look for an advanced rubber compound proven to exhibit low-abrasion and reduce wear, so you get more working hours out of your rubber tracks.

A Solid Brand and Sound Reputation is Key

The quality of mini excavator rubber tracks comes down to the brand and its reputation. Camso HXD offers you 50 percent more service life and comes with a 30-month warranty, while the Camso SD units feature 20 percent more service life and an 18-month warranty. Each model comes with a unique tread pattern suited to the terrain, for maximum traction and efficiency. Kubota’s KX018-4 mini excavator offers superior stability due to its long tumbler distance and wide variable track width. It enables you to safely perform jobs using a host of Kubota attachments.

TAG Equipment carries a full range of Camso and Kubota replacement tracks and mini excavator attachments to help you get the most out of your machine. If you are looking for mini excavator rubber tracks at affordable prices, give us a call at 416-716-5850.

We have tracks for all these Kubota models:

KC50L /KC51/KC70, KC120H /HC, KH007, K008, K008-3, KH-41, KH-60 / KH-66, KH-101 /KX101, KH-151 / KX151, KX41, KX41-2, KX41-2S, KX41-2V, KX41-3, U-15, U-17, U-25, U-35, U-55, KX61-2 /KX61-2S, KX71, KX71-3, KX71-3S, KH-151 / KX151, KX91-2 /KX91-2S, KX91-3, KX91-3S, KX121-2, KX121-2S, KX121-3 / KX121-3S, KX161-2 / KX161-2S /U45, KX161-3 /KX161-3S, KX057-4, U55, KX080-3, SVL75, SVL90