Everything You Need to Know About Rubber Track Components

Rubber tracks provide traction and have a unique design to ensure machine stability, high flotation, low ground pressure, and a smooth ride. If you want to choose the right tracks for your compact equipment, it is essential to know the common terminologies. Without enough knowledge, it can be challenging to understand the ins and outs of the rubber track industry and find suitable accessories for your machine.

Key Terminology for Mini Excavator & Skid Steer Tracks

Rubber Tracks Undercarriage Parts

  • Embed – also known as the link, refers to the metal piece inside the rubber track.
  • Pitch – is the distance from the center of one embed to the next one. When you multiply it by the number of embeds, it will equal the track’s circumference.
  • Sprocket – is the gear of the compact equipment, powered by a hydraulic drive motor.
  • Pitch track – is of two types:
    • Short track – also called short pitch, refers to embeds that land on every sprocket.
    • Long track – also known as full pitch, refers to embeds that touch every other sprocket.
  • Tread Pattern – also called lugs, is the style and shape of tread on the rubber tracks.
  • Idler – is the portion of the compact equipment that comes in contact with the rubber track and keeps it correctly tensioned for the required operation.
    • Roller – supports the weight of the equipment on the rubber track. Having more rollers helps distribute the machine’s weight over the rubber track, reducing the ground pressure.

Guide Systems

Guide systems for rubber-tracked equipment have the following components:

  • Sprockets – that allow the tracks to move
  • Bottom Rollers – to support the weight of the equipment and function like a tire on the rubber track’s surface.
  • Idler Wheel – attached to the hydraulic cylinder

Rubber Track Components

  • Carcass and Tread Compound
    They are typically made of a blend of natural and high-quality synthetic rubber compounds. They make the rubber carcass durable and resistant to cuts, tears, and other damage. The tough rubber can navigate through demanding applications without wearing out soon.
  • Steel Cord
    Rubber tracks are equipped with a continuous steel belt of high-tensile material for superior strength. It reinforces the track, enables high performance over extreme terrains, and reduces vibration and noise. It also ensures there are no weak spots on the belt that may lead to premature cord breakage, extending the lifespan of your rubber tracks.
  • Steel Embeds
    These links are typically carbon forged and heat-treated. They allow the sprockets to engage and reinforce the rubber track’s stability and strength. Additionally, they prevent them from slipping, especially on unavoidable sharp turns or steep slopes.

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Everything You Need to Know About Rubber Track Components

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