Top Brands of Rubber Tracks for Compact Equipment

The Three Best Brands of Rubber Tracks for Compact Equipment

Rubber tracks are ideal for less hard and uneven ground because they offer appropriate traction to maneuver around a job site without damaging the surface. If you own compact equipment, you know that occasionally you will have to replace the rubber tracks to avoid downtime and ensure high performance. It helps to understand that rubber tracks typically last around 1,200 to 1,600 hours. This also depends on the usage and maintenance.

The best industry practice is to replace rubber tracks when the tread forging is less than 34 mm, and the tread depth is less than 8 mm. Also, if your machine cannot maintain adequate tension or the steel cords ratchet or skip over the sprocket lugs, you should look for new tracks. Learn how to buy the most suitable rubber tracks for your machine and the top brands that ensure high performance.

Tread Patterns for Your Bobcat Rubber Tracks

Since there are several tread patterns for Bobcat tracks available in the market, it is important to select the perfect one for your machine. Here are a few popular types, depending on the application:

  • Straight-bar tread – The perfect tread type for Bobcat rubber tracks if you work in muddy and wet ground conditions. It offers superior traction on these surfaces.
  • C-lug tread – Looks like a “C” shape and is suitable for both on and off-road surfaces.
  • Block tread – A multi-purpose tread and the most popular among compact equipment owners. It performs well on many surfaces, especially on gravel and hot paved roads.
  • Multi-bar lug tread – One of the most versatile options available for operators. It is an ideal choice if you need to switch between on and off-road surfaces as part of a single project. It also works well in the snow.
  • Zigzag tread – The best all season track. Its durable design provides great traction in dirt, mud, and snow.

Top Three Most Popular Rubber Track Brands

Bobcat Tracks

These tracks are available in multiple tread patterns, allowing you to find the right one for your specific application. The narrow tracks are perfect for increased ground pressure, while the wide ones will help keep your equipment above soft ground and mud. Although the Bobcat rubber track with C-pattern is a popular choice, the brand also provides high-quality non-marking turf patterns, multi-bar lug, and block tread options.

Camso by Michelin or Camoplast Solideal

Previously known as Camoplast Solideal, Camso is a popular brand of rubber tracks because it offers a variety of track models for compact loaders. The tracks are manufactured using continuous high-tensile steel cables and a single-cure technology for its rubber compound. This helps to reduce downtime and unnecessary expenditure from breakage. Camso tracks have an iron core and heavy-duty carcass that add to the durability and extend their lifespan.


Traxter rubber tracks are made using coated steel cord for corrosion resistance and continuous steel cord to enhance the overall strength. They feature heat-treated metal cores to extend their life. These rubber tracks are perfect for over 5,000 equipment models.

Measuring Rubber Tracks to Find the Perfect Replacement

Most rubber tracks have the part number on them. However, if you cannot find this piece of information directly, remember the following to ensure you buy replacements that fit:

  • Identify the model, brand, and year of your compact equipment.
  • Measure your track size using the essentials, which are as follows:
    • The width of the track in millimetres
    • Distance between the lugs or links in millimetres
    • Pitch or the distance between the center of two lugs in millimetres
  • The total number of lugs around the track’s complete length.
  • Consider the job site conditions and applications of the tracks.

Once you have all these details, consult with a reputable dealer of rubber tracks to ensure you find the right accessory that fits the make and model of your machine.

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