Buy or Rent? Mini skid steer attachments

Mini Skid Steer Attachments: Should You Buy or Rent?

Mini skid steers are a popular choice of compact equipment because they are versatile, easy to maneuver, and ideal for many jobs. It is a highly productive machine with the right attachments for your applications. However, it is beneficial to understand when it is right to buy mini skid steer attachments and when to rent them is crucial to improving your return on the investment. Both options have their benefits and costs. Since it is not always clear, we have put together a guide to help you make an informed decision.

Before we discuss renting or purchasing the attachments, let us look at the top advantages of working with a mini skid steer.

5 Benefits of Using a Mini Skid Steer


Versatility is one of the most significant values offered by a mini skid steer. You can choose from various attachments from standard buckets and augers to accessories for jobs like snow blowing and boring. Moreover, mini skid steers are designed to navigate challenging surfaces without much damage.

Branching Out

A mini skid steer offers several opportunities to diversify your projects if productivity is crucial to you. Changing an attachment allows you to provide multiple services, opening up various work possibilities. Moreover, a single accessory can serve many purposes. For instance, an auger attachment is perfect for landscaping tasks like planting large trees and shrubs and digging precise holes for fencing. This way, you won’t have to buy or rent additional pieces of equipment.

Time Management

Although preventative maintenance is an essential aspect of enhancing the life of compact equipment, it is often neglected due to time crunch during projects. It helps to know that mini skid steers do not require much time for upkeep. They have easy-to-access grease points, visible loader arms, and hydraulic hoses, allowing quick inspections. This is why they are perfect for busy projects.

Compact Size

If you want to work on smaller job sites, accessibility to the work area and navigating equipment through small spaces must be a primary concern. Mini skid steers can fit through narrow openings, maneuver around buildings and other obstacles, and operate efficiently. Moreover, their compact design and lighter weight allow for problem-free transportation.

Operator Oriented

Mini skid steers feature simple controls and many safety features, making them an ideal machine for operators of varying skill levels. In addition, employees can quickly learn the operation techniques.

Buying vs. Renting Mini Skid Steer Attachments

Projects and Frequency

Renting mini skid steer attachments is perfect for short-term projects or one-off jobs when you need them for a few days. However, buying them might be a better option if the one-time jobs become more frequent. It is best to purchase the attachments if you need them for 3-4 weeks in a year. This way, you can have them on hand when you need the accessories instead of renting them every time.

Versatility Requirements

While some mini skid steer attachments are versatile, others are not. Misusing them may damage the accessories and equipment and reduce the service life, leading to expensive repairs or replacements. Mini skid steer attachment rental is a great way to get versatile accessories. However, if you need them regularly, it is advisable to purchase the product.

Capital Investment

Many mini skid steer operators rent attachments until they have enough capital to buy them. Moreover, renting them is a great way to try the products and understand how they perform before you buy the right one for your needs. Doing so will also allow you to ask the right questions before purchasing one, ensuring you make a well-informed decision.

4 Most Common Uses of Mini Skid Steer Attachments


Although you can use dedicated mowers, a mini skid steer is also ideal for the job. This way, you can avoid hiring or purchasing a mower if you have a mower attachment. You can also clear thick grass and bushes using this accessory.

Moving Logs

A mini skid steer with the proper attachment can move debris and materials from the worksite to a preferred location. You can use grapples to remove logs and brush, making the task less time-consuming.

Lifting, Loading and Unloading

A mini skid steer can lift and load pallets, logs and wood chippers. A bucket attachment will allow you to clear out barns and stables, scoop piles of hay and rocks, and remove snow from pathways.


Working with a mini skid steer can help keep your work areas safe and efficient by clearing pallets and removing debris blocking access routes. The equipment does not take up too much space, which is why most operators prefer it over a bucket loader or forklift.

5 Must-Have Mini Skid Steer Attachments

Auger – It allows you to dig post holes and tree plots in less time and with more precision and efficiency.

Pallet Fork – A pallet fork can help you carry the heaviest loads with dependability. You can choose between light-duty and heavy-duty options, depending on your needs.
Bucket – This mini skid steer attachment is perfect for handling an array of bulky material movement, levelling tasks, and soil removal. You can choose between the standard options, buckets with digging teeth, snow buckets, high-dump ones, buckets for lifting concrete slabs, and scrap grapple buckets.

Rake – Mini skid steer rakes are versatile tools for brush piling, land clearing, and site preparation. They are designed to manage grading jobs with much ease.
Grapple – This attachment is perfect for brush-clearing, material handling, and scrap cleanup. You will find many options for your machine, such as log grapples, regular utility grapples, and scrap grapples.

Explore the Best Selection of Mini Skid Steer Attachments

Mini Skid Steer Attachments Selection

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