What to Consider When Choosing Replacement Rubber Tracks?

Choosing Premium Grade Replacement Rubber Tracks

With several options available and distributors claiming to have the best products, searching for replacement rubber tracks for your construction equipment can be overwhelming. At Tag Equipment, we offer great prices for high-quality replacement rubber tracks for sale along with the best warranties. Read on to learn more about purchasing tracks for your heavy equipment so you can make an informed decision.

Components of Premium Made Rubber Tracks for Construction Machines

Rubber tracks are ideal accessories for most compact equipment operating on uneven terrains. They help distribute the weight of the machine evenly and minimize the overall ground pressure. Since the tracks are mostly made of rubber, the internal components should be sturdy enough to endure weather and ground conditions, abrasions, constant flexing, and the equipment’s tprque.

Here are the four components of a premium grade rubber track system:

All-Natural Virgin Rubber

When looking at rubber tracks for sale, be sure to select a manufacturer that uses 100% virgin rubber, and not a crumb or recycled rubber. This is because recycled rubber may split when exposed to stress and different weather conditions. Thus, it will reduce the service life and increase your operating expenses. Using a premium rubber track with natural rubber and quality synthetics can enhance the track’s durability and offer higher resistance.

Flexural Strength Technique (FST)

High-quality replacement rubber tracks typically contain a softer compound on the inner layer. It can help prevent abnormal wear and tear and offer flexibility. In addition to this, it also allows the track to withstand harsh ground surfaces such as rocks, mud, dirt, and other abrasive conditions.

Vulcanized Rubber Coated High Tensile Continuous Steel Cables

Premium skid steer rubber tracks have continuous steel cables wrapped in vulcanized rubber. This coating acts as a barrier against foreign objects and protects from corrosion and damage due to cuts and punctures.

Heavy Duty Solid Steel Links

Links made of solid steel, also known as teeth or lugs, help strengthen the undercarriage system. They allow the rubber track to withstand the weight of your equipment at maximum load and across uneven terrains and reduces the chances of slippage.

Steps to Purchase Your Replacement Rubber Tracks

Keep in mind the following to buy the right tracks for your skid steer or excavator:

Step 1 – Find the Right Track

Ensure you have the correct track measurements and details regarding the make and model of your machine.

Step 2 – Order the Right Rubber Tracks

Look at all the options available to you before choosing a distributor. Consider their reputation, experience, the assortment of products, after-sales services, warranty terms, price and payment options, and transportation and shipping arrangements to make an informed choice.

Step 3 – Go Over Installation Guides

Once you get the right tracks, proper installation is essential to ensure high performance. Check out the guides and manuals and ask for expert assistance to get it right.

How to Install Replacement Rubber Tracks

How to Install Replacement Rubber Tracks
Listed below are the steps to install tracks on compact equipment:

  • Release the tension from the rubber tracks
  • Set them in suspended position
  • Remove the old tracks
  • Inspect the parts thoroughly
  • Place the new tracks and align them correctly
  • Ensure proper alignment to avoid any mishaps

Frequently Asked Questions About Rubber Tracks

How to Choose the Right Replacement Rubber Track?

You need to know the make and model of your machine to determine the correct track size. Track sizes, including the pitch, width, number of links, and the type of guiding, help you measure the right size of rubber track for your equipment.

When Should I Replace Rubber Tracks?

It is best to replace the tracks of your machine if you find cracks on them, have problems with the sprockets, they keep losing tension, lugs are missing, or if you notice dry-rotted tracks. Doing so can help prevent any issues.

Are Tracks Better than Wheels?

Rubber tracks are more suited to work on soft surfaces and have lower ground pressure when compared to wheels. The wheels offer better maneuverability and have a significant advantage in steering compared to tracks. It is beneficial to choose either of them, depending on your needs.

How Do You Adjust a Track?

You need to follow a few easy steps to adjust the track. Apply grease to the grease fitting near the idler pulley. If you want to loosen it, use a wrench to release grease.

How to Measure the Skid Steer Tracks?

Get an estimate of the width of the track in millimetres. Then, measure the pitch in millimetres, which is the distance between the centers of two lugs, also known as teeth or links. Count the total number of lugs on the track.

Tag Equipment Offers the Best Range of Rubber Tracks for Sale

At Tag Equipment, we carry a wide assortment of replacement rubber tracks for sale to meet our clients’ varied needs and are committed to providing the best products. Our selection includes the following:

For Compact Track Loaders

  • Camso CTL SD – a versatile solution that offers durability and all-season traction.
  • Camso CTL HXD – the best for high performance and stability.
  • Traxter CTL – delivers the ultimate performance, value, and reliability.

For Mini Excavators

  • Camso MX SD – ideal for heavy-duty applications and known to provide resistance against catastrophic failure and damage.
  • Camso MX HXD – offers resistance against harsh conditions and is designed to offer maximum uptime.
  • Traxter MX – is crack and corrosion-resistant and delivers high performance.

For Multi-Terrain Loaders

  • Camso MTL HXD – offers better protection against lug failure, comes with a longer life, and minimizes operating costs.

Skid Steer Over The Tire Tracks

  • Camso OTT HXD – increases flotation and traction and enhances the productivity on concrete, asphalt, and turf surfaces.
  • Camso Steel OTT – offers high performance in off-road applications.

Benefits of Dealing with Us

  • Highly durable, premium quality replacement rubber tracks for sale
  • Superior products at great prices
  • Quality customer service before and after the sale
  • Ability to meet the individual needs of our customers promptly

We Carry a Full Range of Products for:

Bobcat, Solideal, ASV, Cat, Case, Dingo, Gehl, Kubota, Ditch Witch, Hitachi, JCB, Komatsu, John Deere, Yanmar, and many more.

If you have any questions about our inventory of replacement rubber tracks, call us at 416-716-5850. You could also fill out our online form for more details.