Premium Vs Generic Tracks

Choosing Skid Steer Rubber Tracks – Premium Vs Generic Tracks

There are many rubber track options available these days. However, when choosing skid steer rubber tracks, you must not select them based on their price alone. It helps to consider all aspects, such as the quality and reputation of the dealer. This is because the quality of tracks from generic brands is significantly lower when compared to premium grade tracks. Read on to learn more about this and make an informed decision.

Premium Tracks Vs Generic Tracks

When purchasing tracks for your heavy equipment, it is essential to use only high-quality parts from well-known dealers. It can help you avoid the following problems:

  • Punctures and tears on the tracks
  • Tracks slipping off rollers
  • Frequent repairs
  • Expensive downtime
  • Accidents and mishaps on the site

Although buying generic tracks at a lower price may help you save money, it may not be cost-effective in the long run. This is because low-quality tracks are not durable and tend to wear out quickly. They may also adversely affect the overall performance of the equipment.

Types of Premium Skid Steer Rubber Tracks

Listed below are the different types of tracks and a few essential factors that you should consider when buying tracks for heavy equipment:

  • Natural vs Recycled Rubber
    Crumb or recycled rubber is weaker than natural rubber and can tear easily. It helps to select a natural rubber product that is combined with high-quality synthetics because it is resistant to abrasion and can help increase track life.
  • Continuous Steel Cords vs Overlapped
    Premium skid steer rubber tracks use continuous steel cord technology that helps to prevent corrosion and cord breakage, thus reducing operating expenses and enhancing service life.
  • Moulding Process
    Rubber tracks are made cheaper by reducing the time it takes to mould rubber, which is why they tend to have a shorter lifespan. Thus, it helps to purchase tracks that have been put through the moulding process for an adequate amount of time.
  • Steel Cables Wrapped in Hardened Rubber
    When buying tracks for your machines, look for products that have vulcanized steel cables. They can help protect the core from corrosion and punctures from debris and sharp objects.
  • Quality of Synthetics Used
    It helps to select tracks for heavy equipment made of stronger and durable synthetic compounds to prevent cracks and tears.
  • Adherence to Quality Standards
    Make sure that the rubber tracks you purchase are manufactured according to the highest standards and regulations. This will help ensure the reliability, quality, and durability of the product.

Get High-Quality Rubber Tracks for Skid Steers

When purchasing rubber tracks, do not gamble on generic tracks from online sellers. Buy your products from a reputable manufacturer or authorized dealer.

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