Rubber Tracks & Winter Attachments for CTL & Skid Steers

Equipping Compact Equipment with Rubber Tracks for Winter Work

During the cold winter months, tracked machines tend to work better because rubber tracks have better flotation and don’t get stuck or damage surfaces. Moreover, track loaders are ideal for snow removal, as well. When equipped with the right rubber tracks, they can offer optimum performance. Read on to learn more about skid steer rubber tracks and tracks for compact track loaders so you can enhance the overall performance of your machine.

Rubber Tracks for Snow & Winter Weather

There are a variety of tread patterns for compact loaders available in the market, including low vibration, turf friendly, aggressive, and multipurpose tracks. It helps to know that snow tracks are wider and come with more aggressive tread patterns, ensuring a smooth ride. They often have a tapered outside edge to move away from the idlers and rollers as the equipment moves and gets rid of dirt and snow. Many brands also market these tracks as an all-season-track option.

Maintaining Snow Tracks to Enhance the Performance

When working in snowy conditions, keep the following in mind to ensure your rubber tracks last longer:

  • Understand that even with snow tracks, operating a track loader may feel different.
  • Operate on a level and even surface whenever possible. When you are operating on an incline, it is best to drive straight up or down.
  • Be sure to implement the same operating procedures and techniques as when working on muddy grounds.
  • Use three-point turns to reduce stress on the rubber tracks and protect surfaces.
  • Move slowly and avoid making sudden turns and changes in direction.
  • Carry loads low to improve the equipment’s stability.

Snow Pushing with the Right Type of Rubber Tracks

Since there are many different versions of rubber tracks on the market, it helps to weigh the pros and cons of each before making your final choice. They have distinct features that are meant for specific purposes. For instance, dirt tracks have large flat surfaces and are often stiff, which helps to increase their life when working on asphalt surfaces and in the dirt. However, this type of track tends to slip and slide on snow, which is why it is best to choose the type of attachment that is specifically designed to operate on snow. Switching to snow tracks during the winter months for safety and optimum performance is an ideal decision. Moreover, some of the track systems come with a suspension, so you can operate effortlessly over curbs, pushing snow back without having to jump over them or getting stuck.

CTL & Skid Steer Rubber Tracks for Summer Work

It is beneficial to purchase heavy equipment for dual purposes. Winter work requires as much traction and speed in the snow as possible and is mostly straightforward. However, summer work requires changes all the time, which is why rubber tracks are an ideal choice. They come with the following advantages:

  • Tracks do not cause much damage to the surface or turf.
  • They have a lighter footprint, causing fewer ruts to fix.
  • They do not get easily stuck when operating in muddy conditions.
  • Tracks for skid steers and compact loaders are less expensive to replace if you know the right make and model.
  • They are easy to manage and maintain if you adhere to routine maintenance.

Using Compact Track Loaders to Push Snow Back

If you need to haul piles of snow from the parking lot to the adjacent turf and are looking for a machine that could do this while pushing the snow, a skid steer is an excellent choice. In addition to getting the desired results, using a skid steer with superior tracks will ensure the equipment doesn’t get stuck in the process and that no damage is caused to the landscape. Moreover, skid steers with suspension snow tracks are an ideal choice for this type of operation. In addition to taking the snow off the parking lot and shoving it back, you can also heap massive piles over different snow events. Doing so will help you save money and time.

Skid Steer Attachments for Winter Months

There are many attachments for track loaders when it comes to snow work for specific applications, making them versatile and more functional. Snow pushers, brooms, salt spreaders, and snow blades are some of the accessories that can help enhance the performance of a track loader and keep them busy during the winter months.

  • Whether you want to operate on uneven terrain and clean the pathways, a snow pusher is an ideal choice. It can help you clear pathways and driveways.
  • Snowblades come in many varieties, including V, straight, snow angle, and more.
  • Snow brooms are available in angle and push and can help clear the snow away from the area you want to clean.
  • Salt spreaders also come in bucket form so you can scoop up snow and other debris.

Contact Tag Equipment for Rubber Tracks for Winter Months

Rubber Tracks for Winter Months

Tag Equipment is an authorized supplier of tracks for compact loaders and skid steer rubber tracks in Canada. We carry superior-quality rubber tracks for winter months with the best non-perforated warranty to ensure high performance, superior traction, durability, and enhanced safety. In addition to this, we also feature winter attachments for compact equipment such as snow pushers, angle brooms, salt spreaders, and more to meet the varied needs of our clients.

Our Major Rubber Track Brands Include:

  • Traxter

We also have rubber tracks for all makes and models at the best prices, for CAT, CASE, Bobcat, John Deere, New Holland, GEHL, Volvo, Kubota, Takeuchi, and more.

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