Rubber Tracks Vs Tires: Choosing for a CTL & Skid Steer Loader

Rubber Tracks Vs Tires: Choosing for a CTL & Skid Steer Loader

A skid steer loader, also known as Bobcat or skid steer, is a piece of engine-powered equipment used on several job sites for a variety of tasks. They can dig holes, move soil and bulk loads, and help with landscaping gardens. Skid steers and compact track loaders often have tracks installed or are equipped with tires. Read on to learn which is better for your skid steer or CTL.

Choosing Between Rubber Tracks or Tires for Skid Steers & CTLs

It helps to consider the following for deciding between skid steer tracks and tires:

  • Tires are Suitable for Smooth, Even Ground
    If your work involves operating the equipment on hard and even ground, it helps to choose skid steers with tires. This is because they offer high-performance on concrete places, paved regions, and well-landscaped sites and are an economical choice. However, if you use a skid steer with tracks on these surfaces, the extra traction may get wasted.
  • Rubber Tracks are Ideal for Difficult Terrain
    Skid steers with rubber tracks operate by distributing their weight over a larger surface area, which helps to enhance their stability. While tires are suitable for flat conditions, tracks are perfect for uneven ground and sandy, muddy, wet, and snowy regions. Whether you need to maneuver through narrow areas or work on less than ideal conditions, tracked equipment can make your job easy.
  • Tracks Can Work Under Any Conditions
    Although tracks are most suitable for working on uneven ground, you can also use them on flat surfaces. However, tired equipment should only be used on even ground. When purchasing rubber tracks for skid steers or CTLs, it helps to remember that the price depends on the following factors:

    • The make and model of your equipment
    • Length of the track
    • The track’s width
  • Tracks are Also Best Suited for Digging Jobs
    Skid steers equipped with rubber tracks can make your digging and bulldozing work a lot easier and more effective than skid steers that use tires. Since they have more contact with the ground and offer better traction than tires, they can push into muddy soil more efficiently.
  • Skid Steer Loader with Steel Tires Tend to Cost Less
    If cost is a crucial deciding factor, you may want to consider purchasing tired skid steers and loaders. This is because skid steers with rubber tracks cost more due to the following reasons:

    • They come with higher-priced accessories.
    • They tend to use more fuel.
    • They require regular maintenance for optimal performance.
  • Skid Steer Loader Tracks Have Low Impact on the Ground
    If you don’t want to cause an impact on the ground you are working on, choose a skid steer with tracks over tires. This is because while tires tend to leave behind ruts, tracked equipment operates without impacting the ground.
  • Skid Steer Loader with Tires Require Low Maintenance
    Skid steers equipped with tracks need more maintenance in the form of undercarriage cleaning and track inspection as compared to tired skid steers. Although skid steers or loaders with tires also require maintenance, it is easier and less time-consuming.
  • Tires are Better for More Speed
    For an application that requires greater speed, tires are a better option because they help the equipment move faster. Moreover, they are lighter than compact track loaders, which is an added advantage in this case. You may choose solid tires to operate on harsh terrains and opt for pneumatic tires to work on loose surfaces, such as mud, sand, snow, or gravel.
  • Greater Operator Comfort with Rubber Tracks
    If you want a more comfortable, stable, and smooth ride on harsh grounds, rubber tracks are a good choice because skid steer tires offer a rougher ride. They have a wider footprint, which helps to boost the stability of a compact track loader while maximizing shock absorption on harsh terrains. Moreover, rubber tracks can decrease vibrations and noise, enhancing the operator’s comfort.
  • Better Flotation with Tracked Equipment
    Rubber tracks help enhance flotation for your compact equipment, ensuring more contact with the ground. Increased surface contact distributes the machine’s weight evenly and reduces the ground pressure. This is how tracks boost flotation across loose terrains such as sand, snow, and mud. They also provide better stability on flat and sloped surfaces. Skid steer tires have a higher chance of getting stuck in snow or mud when compared to rubber tracks. Also, they do not offer the same level of stability and balance as a tracked machine.

We Have a Wide Range of Tires & Rubber Tracks

tired skid steers

Get the Best Skid Steer Tires & CTL Rubber Tracks for Sale

Skid steer tires and rubber tracks for compact track loaders have several benefits. However, it helps to consider the purpose of the compact equipment and job site conditions when choosing between them. Doing so will help you make a well-informed decision and improve the machine’s performance.

Tag Equipment is a reputable dealer of rubber tracks and tires. We offer high-quality products at the best prices to ensure customer satisfaction.

We Have a Wide Range of Tires and Rubber Tracks for Sale:

Rubber Tracks

  • Camso
    Our Camso tracks are available with the best non-prorated warranty. They offer long service life and superior protection against puncture than standard tracks. Our selection includes Camso CTL SD and Camso CTL HXD.
  • Traxter
    The rubber tracks by this brand are reliable and deliver high performance. They have application-specific lug patterns, special roller side compound, coated steel core, and other unique features.

Pneumatic and Solid Tires

Flat-Proof or Solid Tires

  • Traxter
    Our line-up of solid tires for compact equipment includes extreme duty Traxter HD, Traxter R4, Traxter SM, and Traxter HD for smaller machines.
  • Camso
    We carry Camso SKS 792S for flat-proof durability and comfort, and Camso SKS 782S for solid off-road traction.

Pneumatic Tires

  • Galaxy
    We feature Galaxy Hulk L-4/L-5 and Galaxy Beefy Baby II R-4 for durability and superior wear and resistance.
  • Primex
    Our selection of tires includes PrimeX Bossman Grip STL II L4 and PrimeX Bossgrip R-4 with a long tread life and wear resistance.
  • Camso
    We carry Camso SKS 532, Camso SKS 775, and Camso SKS 753 to meet the varied customer needs.

Steel Wheel Rims

In addition to tires and rubber tracks for sale, we also offer Camso skid steer wheel rims for heavy-duty machines.

For more information about rubber tracks for skid steers and compact loaders as well as CTL tires, call us at 416-716-5850.