Select the Right Compact Loader Tire for Maximum Performance

Select the Right Compact Loader Tire for Maximum Performance

The life of skid steer tires, particularly the solid tires and pneumatic tires, depends on many factors, including the application and initial price. Although most tires look the same at first glance, you will notice the difference once you compare the brands. It helps to know that industry-specific tires may have a higher initial cost, but they are durable and offer high performance. Also, educating the operators on how to operate the machine on different ground conditions can help extend tire life and improve the overall performance of the equipment. Read on to learn a few useful ways to save downtime and maintenance costs.

Reduce the Chances of Flat Tires

A slow leak or a sudden blowout can hamper the performance of the machine. Once you identify a flat, take steps to fix the damaged tire immediately. Remove it, assess its condition thoroughly, then repair or replace it as you deem fit. It helps to remember that flat-proof skid steer tires are durable and perfect for hazardous terrain.

Solid skid steer tires are the ideal choice to reduce downtime because they are resistant to scrap materials and sharp things and known for durability. Whether you want to work on a construction site or in a scrap yard, you can rely on solid skid steer tires. They have thick traction and flat-proof rubber. Also, they are heat resistant and offer a longer life as compared to pneumatics.

Minimize Equipment Downtime

Although a single flat may not take too long to change, having to replace deflated skid steer tires frequently often results in the loss of many hours. It helps to use flat-proof skid steer tires because you need not separate them from the equipment even during the occasional repairs. This means reduced downtime, even under extreme operating conditions.

Longer Lifespan

It helps to remember that top-quality flat-proof tires take longer to wear down. This is because they are made of durable and superior rubber compounds and have unique tread patterns.

Reliable Performance

The unique technology of flat-proof skid steer tires helps to enhance their performance. Skid steers fitted with flat-proof tires provide greater control in harsh conditions and help increase the equipment’s stability.

More Working Time

Higher downtime can decrease the ROI of the equipment and proves to be expensive in the long run. By choosing the right flat-proof skid steer tire, you can eliminate the hassle of constant tire changes. In addition to this, it also helps to save money on repairs and get the job done faster.

Tips to Maximize the Life of Your Skid Steer Tires

General Considerations

  • Use a trailer to transport the equipment.
  • Rotate tires that may wear more quickly.
  • Consider the weight of your load and be sure to keep it correctly balanced.

Contact Tag Equipment for Flat-Proof & No Air Skid Steer Tires

Tag Equipment is a prominent supplier of skid steer tires, including flat-proof tires and no air skid steer tires. We offer the best prices for durable and high-quality products.

We stock tires by the following manufacturers:

  • Traxter branded tires from Trident
  • CAMSO Tires for your Bobcat and Skid Steer
  • Solideal Tires for your Bobcat and Skid Steer

We carry tires for the following makes and models:

Air Filled Tires

  • Galaxy Hulk L-4/L-5
  • Galaxy Beefy Baby II R-4
  • Primex Bossgrip R-4
  • Primex Bossman Grip STL II L4+
  • CAMSO SKS 775
  • CAMSO SKS 753

Solid Tires

  • Traxter HD
  • Traxter R4
  • Traxter SM
  • CAMSO SKS 792S
  • CAMSO SKS 782S

skid steer wheel rims for heavy-duty construction

We also have versatile skid steer wheel rims for heavy-duty construction.

For more information about our skid steer tires, please call us at 416-716-5850.

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