Top Things to Consider When Buying a Skid Steer Broom

Top Things to Consider When Buying a Skid Steer Broom

Choosing the right attachments is paramount when optimizing your skid steer’s functionality. Among the diverse options, the skid steer broom attachment stands out for its versatility in maintaining a tidy and efficient work site. Whether you are navigating construction sites, parking lots, or road maintenance, understanding the intricacies of this tool is essential for enhancing the overall performance of your equipment. This comprehensive guide delves into its crucial features, varied types, and important considerations, empowering you to make an informed decision tailored to your needs.

6 Aspects to Identify a High-Grade Broom Attachment

Direct Drive System

A robust direct drive system is fundamental for a high-quality broom attachment. This technology ensures proper power transmission, minimizing energy loss during operation, ultimately enhancing efficiency and durability.

Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valves

You can safeguard your skid steer loader and broom attachment with hydraulic pressure relief valves. These safety features protect against potential damage due to excessive pressure, contributing to the overall longevity of your compact equipment.

Guarded Motor

A guarded motor can help ensure a safer operating environment. It is a crucial protective element that shields against debris and potential hazards. This feature helps extend the motor’s lifespan and safeguards your skid steer.

Wafer Replacement

Quick and hassle-free wafer replacement minimizes downtime, maximizing your overall productivity. You can facilitate efficient maintenance with skid steer broom attachments featuring easily replaceable wafers.

Broom Head Adjustment System

Flexibility in adjusting the broom head is vital for efficient sweeping in various conditions. Look for attachments with user-friendly adjustment systems, allowing you to tailor the performance to your requirements.

Overall Weight

Maintaining balance is crucial for safety and performance. Consider the overall weight of the broom attachment, ensuring it aligns with your skid steer loader’s specifications to avoid unnecessary strain on the machine.


3 Types of Skid Steer Broom Attachments

Angle Broom

The angle broom attachment is a versatile tool for efficiently sweeping debris to the side. Its unique construction makes it ideal for navigating confined spaces along walls and corners, providing exceptional versatility in various applications. This skid steer attachment excels in tasks where precision is crucial. It is invaluable for cleaning tight spaces on construction sites, parking lots, and road maintenance projects, ensuring a thorough and effective sweeping solution.

Skid Steer Pick-Up Broom

The pick-up broom attachment is a powerhouse for collecting large debris efficiently. Its robust design makes this tool indispensable in heavy-duty applications, such as construction sites and road maintenance. Its ability to swiftly gather substantial materials enhances overall cleanliness and productivity. Ideal for sweeping up gravel, dirt, and even snow, the pick-up broom delivers superior performance in demanding tasks and diverse environments, ensuring your skid steer operates at peak efficiency.

Pick-Up Broom with Internal Water Tank

The pick-up broom with an internal water tank offers an excellent solution for dust control during sweeping operations with your skid steer. This innovative attachment proves indispensable in environments where you must minimize airborne particles. Perfect for construction sites and urban settings, it efficiently suppresses dust while collecting debris. The internal water tank ensures a consistent water supply, making it valuable.

3 Broom Bristle Options for Skid Steer Loaders

All Poly Bristle Wafers

Broom attachments with all poly bristle wafers ensure durability and resilience, especially in harsh conditions. They are crafted from polypropylene and can withstand challenging environments, making them ideal for sweeping tasks on rough surfaces. Whether clearing debris from construction sites or handling demanding industrial applications, this bristle offers longevity and effective performance across various terrains and challenging work environments.

Alternating Bristle Wafers

The alternating bristle wafers bring a dynamic approach to debris collection, making them versatile for sweeping tasks. By alternating between different materials, they efficiently capture fine and coarse debris, ensuring a thorough cleanup. This design is particularly beneficial in environments with diverse materials, such as construction sites and manufacturing facilities.

All Wire Bristle Wafers

With robust construction, all wire bristle wafers are engineered for heavy-duty applications demanding strength and durability. The wire composition ensures resilience in challenging environments, making them ideal for industrial sites and construction projects. They excel in tasks that involve stubborn debris or coarse materials and ensure your skid steer delivers consistent, reliable performance across demanding work conditions.

How to Match a Broom to Your Skid Steer Loader

Choosing the proper broom attachment for your compact equipment involves considering several factors to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Whether tackling construction debris, snow, or industrial waste, the right match ensures that your machine and the tool work together seamlessly, delivering top-notch performance. Moreover, doing so can help you enhance their synergy, maximizing efficiency and longevity.

Right Width

Selecting skid steer broom attachments with the appropriate width is crucial for efficient coverage. Matching the width to your specific requirements minimizes the number of passes needed, optimizing your workflow.

Machine Flow Rate

Consider your equipment’s flow rate when buying a broom attachment. Ensuring compatibility between the tool and the machine’s specifications guarantees optimal performance and enhances the lifespan.

Operating Capacity

Adhering to your machine’s operating capacity is essential for safety and efficiency. Choose a broom attachment that aligns with your loader’s capabilities to ensure reliable and effective operation.

Explore Our High-Grade Skid Steer Broom Attachments

High-Grade Skid Steer Broom Attachments

Elevate your skid steer’s capabilities with Tag Equipment’s extensive range of top-quality broom attachments. We also feature excavator buckets and skid steer augers, buckets, and forks. Our team can help you choose the best option for the machine’s make and model, ensuring you invest in reliability and superior performance for your work site.

Our selection includes the following:

Hydraulic Rotary Broom by HLA Attachments

Available in 72 and 84-inch sizes, this rotary broom for skid steer includes hoses and electric selector valves to the auxiliary outlets. It offers unique lateral and forward float and comes with direct motor drive and reversible sweeping.

HLA Pick-Up Broom

Available in 72, 84, and 96 inches, this hydraulic skid steer attachment is perfect for cleaning recreation areas, parks, parking lots, and construction sites.

Martatch Pick-Up Broom

Available in 48 to 96-inch widths, this skid steer loader attachment comes with flat face couplers, hydraulic hoses, front gauge wheels, and direct motor drive.

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