Tracks or Tires – Which are Better for Construction Equipment?

Since heavy construction equipment and its attachments require a large investment, it is essential to consider all the options carefully and choose the right machinery for your requirements. Whether you’re looking to purchase skid steer rubber tracks, Bobcat tires, flat proof tires, or rubber tracks for your mini excavator, you must consider the functions and nature of your work before making a final decision.

While making a choice between tracks and tires for your equipment, consider the following points:

  • Maneuverability and Mobility
    Movability is crucial when it comes to performing tasks efficiently and with precision using heavy equipment, which is why you must consider traction across different surfaces. Although rubber tracks offer superior maneuverability and traction on most surfaces such as wet mud and soft dirt when compared to tires, in certain conditions such as snow, tires are a better option.
  • Ground Impact
    As far as applications where ground impacts matter, tracked equipment is a better choice. This is because tracks have more surface area allowing their weight to be evenly distributed, reducing the overall impact. However, if you are working on a new construction site where the ground impact is not a significant factor, you can choose to have tires for your equipment.
  • Durability
    Longevity is an essential aspect to consider when purchasing an attachment for heavy equipment. Tires tend to last longer when working on surfaces such as asphalt and concrete. Tracks are a better choice when it comes to uneven, rocky surfaces that have a high potential for hazards. Thus, durability depends on the type of work and surface.
  • Cost
    When choosing tires and tracks for your machine, know that their initial price does not equal the lifetime value. Consider the following factors to determine the actual cost:

    • Maintenance Cost
      Think of the expenses associated with repairs and replacing wheels. While replacement tires cost less than replacement rubber tracks, tires must be replaced more often to ensure optimal performance.
    • Potential Downtime
      Downtime can prove to be expensive. Wheeled machines have a higher risk of downtime that can lead to expense in the form of loss of labour hours and revenue.

Which is Better for Heavy Equipment – Tracks or Tires?

Since both wheeled and tracked machines have their pros and cons, it is wise to choose them after considering your needs and other factors such as working conditions and budget.

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Tracks or Tires - Which are Better for Construction Equipment?

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