5 Reasons Solid Skid Steer Tires are Apt for Demolition Jobs

Why Solid Skid Steer Tires Are the Best for Demolition Jobs

The demolition industry is crucial for a city or town’s development and growth. Skid steer loaders are a must-have for this industry as they are sturdy and reliable. Demolition job sites are often hazardous with scrap metal, exposed rebar, and splintered wood, making the chances of damage to skid steers, excavators, loaders, and other heavy machinery high. Equipping them with suitable tires is essential to reduce downtime and increase efficiency and productivity.

It helps to know that demolition is particularly harsh on pneumatic tires, often leading to costly repairs and replacement. This is why most contractors prefer solid tires for their machines when working on demolition projects. Read about the advantages of these tires so you can make informed decisions.

Top 5 Benefits of Solid Skid Steer Tires

Reduce the Possibility of Flat Tires

Flat tires are a significant problem because they are a safety hazard, time-consuming and increase the overall project cost. Using solid no air skid steer tires is a wise decision because they reduce the chances of flats. They are made of high-quality rubber compounds and do not have air inside them. These tires can handle the harshest ground conditions, will not pop or leak, and stay intact when maneuvering through rough terrain. They have a high life expectancy because the force required to puncture a solid skid steer tire is more than double the force it takes to puncture or tear a pneumatic tire. They are a more practical option to meet the high demands of demolition sites.

Reduced Downtime

If you encounter a flat tire on your skid steer when working on a demolition project, it takes time to get a replacement and install it on the equipment accurately. This process causes you to lose valuable job time. The more downtime on the job, the more unsatisfied your customer may become. Moreover, if this persists, you could lose good projects, and your reputation in the industry may suffer. Using solid skid steer tires can save you from those risks.

Lower Operational Costs

Solid no air tires can last three times longer than pneumatic tires. When working on construction sites and other challenging terrains, solid tires can help save you money in the form of:

  • Reduced replacement because of flat tires
  • Decreased working hours on repairs and replacement
  • Reduced money for labour to replace flat tires
  • Increased efficiency

More Productive

When working on construction site applications, you may encounter more flats if you do not use suitable tires, leading to more downtime in repairing or replacing them, depending on the damage. If you install solid skid steer tires, you can reduce the possibility of flats. This means you can get your job done faster, thus enhancing your productivity. Increased speed and job potential reflect increased revenue. Solid airless skid steer tires are the most effective and efficient choice for all construction site applications.

Increased Lifting Capacity

Solid flat proof tires are heavier than pneumatic tires. When you install them on your machine, it adds to the overall weight of the skid steer, increasing the lifting capacity. This helps to enhance efficiency and productivity because you can move debris and materials on your demolition site in a shorter time. Moreover, they are the best options for operating a skid steer in abrasive terrains and challenging applications such as rock quarries, mines, waste transfer stations, and construction sites.

Solid Tires for Outdoor Demolition Jobs

Outdoor demolition includes scrap cleanup, building tear-downs, and tearing foundations and concrete slabs. These job sites are risky for humans and machines. You need to follow all safety precautions to avoid injuries and mishaps and be mindful of the capacities and limitations of your machinery. Some of the common problems for skid steers on outdoor demolition sites are:

  • Handling the harsh, uneven terrain
  • Maneuver through high piles of concrete slabs, shards of broken glass, sharp rebar, and other dangerous construction debris.
  • Consider all possible obstacles to operating safely and effectively on the worksite.

It helps to know that high-quality solid skid steer tires can easily handle outdoor demolition sites. They are puncture-proof and are available in different tread patterns to offer unparalleled durability and traction. Thus, you can navigate the machine on the site in comfort, knowing these tires are ideal for the task.

Solid Skid Steer Tires for Interior Demolition Jobs

Interior demolition is a critical aspect of sizeable commercial building tear-downs and remodelling projects. Large-scale interior demolition jobs in warehouses, sports complexes, shopping malls, and office buildings often require heavy machinery such as skid steers. Unlike outdoor demolition, interior worksites typically have a concrete foundation. A common problem for skid steer operators is that the hard surfaces wear down their tires quickly. This often slows down the work, increasing the cost and causing inconvenience. Your best bet to avoid such problems is to invest in hard surface solid skid steer tires. These high-quality tires have the following advantages for large-scale interior demolitions:

  • Handle more wear and tear than standard pneumatic tires.
  • Have a unique tread pattern to increase surface area, further enhancing the tires’ overall wear life.
  • Reduce the possibility of tire changes and repairs and downtime for workers.
  • Increase efficient work and your ROI.

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