How to Improve Your Bobcat Skid Steer’s Productivity

Bobcat Attachments & Hydraulic System Maintenance

In addition to choosing the right Bobcat attachments, it is also crucial to maintain them properly to ensure the durability of a skid steer. This is because the effectiveness of a skid steer largely depends on the attachments used. Also, regular maintenance helps to extend the equipment’s productivity. One critical aspect of this routine includes the upkeep of Bobcat attachments and the hydraulic system.

Best Practices to Enhance the Life of Bobcat Attachments

  • Ensure Proper Flow Rate
    Make sure that the hydraulic system’s flow rate is in line with the requirements of the Bobcat attachment. Any mistake in this setup can lead to reduced efficiency of the attachment and the overall performance of the skid steer. In addition to this, problems with the compatibility of an attachment can immediately stop its operation.
  • Routine Maintenance
    In addition to using the right hydraulic system and attachments for a skid steer, proper maintenance is critical to its performance. The rule of thumb is to read the instructions and information in the operator’s manual. Also, grease the attachments regularly to ensure smooth functioning. The most common Bobcat skid steer attachments and their maintenance include the following:

    • Bobcat Buckets – Inspect the teeth and ensure that they are not damaged or worn out.
    • Bobcat Forks – Examine forks for wear or damage before using them and ensure that they do not require any repairs.
    • Skid Steer Plows – Thoroughly inspect the blade for cracks and other damage and watch out for any loose fittings.
  • Examine the Hydraulics
    All skid steer attachments are powered by a hydraulic system. Any problems with it can lead to complications with the attachments and disrupt the machine’s overall performance. Keep in mind the following tips:

    • Check the hydraulic fluid level at the end of the day.
    • Use high-quality fluid and be sure to change it after every 500 hours of usage.
    • Watch out for any leaks and take immediate action if you find any.
    • Change the hydraulic filters after every 250 hours of usage.
  • Follow a Maintenance Schedule
    When operating correctly, a skid steer delivers excellent productivity and performance for a wide range of job sites. This is why developing a regular maintenance schedule is essential. It helps to enhance the machine’s overall performance by reducing contamination in the hydraulic system.

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