Tips to Enhance Fuel Efficiency for Compact Equipment

Easy Ways to Reduce Fuel Cost for Heavy Equipment

Even when fuel prices are low, it is beneficial to find ways to keep fuel costs to a minimum. As a leading distributor of rubber tracks and other attachments for heavy equipment such as skid steers and excavators, our experts have put together this guide to help you understand how you can keep your fleet operating efficiently.

Tips to Reduce the Fuel Cost for Heavy Equipment

  • Reduce Idle Time
    Keeping your skid steer or excavator idling for longer than necessary tends to reduce the life of engine oil by around 60% to 75% and increase the fuel costs by 50%. Moreover, heavy equipment works best when you operate it at a steady pace. It is wise to have an idle policy for operators and monitor their reports regularly.
  • Educate the Operators
    Equipment drivers play a significant role in controlling the cost of fuel consumption. It is best to train them to avoid braking sharply or speeding because doing so increases the amount of fuel used.
  • Avoid Speeding
    In addition to being dangerous, speeding also uses more fuel. This is why you should ensure the operators handle the equipment at a slow and steady pace.
  • Avoid Quick Acceleration
    Your machines use 40% more fuel when the operator accelerates quickly. Fast starts can also increase toxic emissions.
  • Reduce Load
    Carrying additional weight when operating the machine can reduce fuel efficiency because it puts a strain on the engine. You can easily enhance the gas mileage by decreasing the extra weight whenever possible.
  • Plan Workdays Efficiently
    You can improve your fuel efficiency by planning ahead. Ensure your operators are driving the shortest distances with minimum obstructions and examine the usage of each piece of equipment to see if you can make modifications.
  • Get Tune-Ups Regularly
    Stay up to date on maintenance items such as air filters, oil changes, and brake inspections. Doing so will help improve the life of your equipment and enhance fuel efficiency.
  • Keep Tires Inflated
    For wheeled equipment, it is essential to maintain proper air pressure in the tires. For tracked machines, be sure to adjust the rubber tracks to the correct tension.
  • Choose the Right Size and Machine
    Since bigger equipment tends to use more fuel, you can reduce the cost by making sure you are using the right size machine. However, if you are using smaller equipment for a challenging task, you may end up overworking it, causing unnecessary wear that may lead to expensive repairs. Thus, using the wrong type of equipment, attachment, or rubber tracks may lead to more work and increase fuel consumption.
  • Encourage Good Communication
    Poor communication often leads to increased idling and over usage, which in turn leads to fuel inefficiency. You can easily avoid this by streamlining the communication between teams.
  • Adjust Your RPM When Shifting
    Machines tend to use more fuel when they gear up or throttle down while the RPMs are high. Encourage your machine operators to reduce their RPMs before they shift.
  • Ensure Your Machine’s Teeth and Cutting Edges are Sharp
    Rounded bucket teeth or a dull blade edge can increase fuel consumption because they decrease the overall effectiveness of the equipment.
  • Upgrade Your Equipment
    Top-quality machines operate more efficiently than poorly maintained or older equipment. Keep them updated by buying high-grade rubber tracks from companies such as John Deere, Kubota, Camso, and more.

Maintaining Diesel Fuel Quality for Compact Equipment

Fuel Management Plan

Planning is essential to ensure reliable performance and increase the longevity of the machine. Here are a few things to consider for an effective fuel management plan:

  • Understand the equipment’s technology.
  • Assess and identify the issues with fuel supply.
  • Choose the best supplier for fuel, machine accessories such as rubber tracks, and other attachments.
  • Make sure you have spare fuel filters.
  • Stay educated and follow best practices.

Bulk Fuel Considerations

If you purchase fuel in bulk quantities, you can prevent unexpected problems and ensure reliable performance by adhering to the following:

  • Keep track of your fuel storage regularly.
  • Analyze and check the quality of fuel.
  • Have a proper recordkeeping system.
  • Be sure to prepare your fuel supply for the fall and winter months.

Fuel Additives

Although an engine that is running clean on high-quality fuel doesn’t need a fuel additive, using one can help when temperatures get colder, or you aren’t sure of the fuel quality.

Top Quality Rubber Tracks & Attachments

Tag Equipment carries high-quality attachments and rubber tracks for all makes and models of compact equipment. We have a huge inventory of attachments for skid steers, excavators, and more. Our experts can help you choose the most suitable attachment for your machines to ensure they perform at their best.

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Rubber Tracks for Sale

We also carry top-quality rubber tracks for CTL, MTL, OTT tracks, Mini Excavator, Dumpers, and Paver tracks. They are available for equipment from Bobcat, Case, CAT, GEHL, John Deere, Kubota, New Holland, Takeuchi, and Volvo. Our selection of CTL Tracks Include:

  • Camso CTL SD
  • Camso CTL HXD
  • Traxter CTL

Purchase the Right Accessories for Your Equipment

Easy Ways to Reduce Fuel Cost for Heavy Equipment

Choosing the right size and machine type for any project is essential to enhance functionality and reduce fuel costs. If you have any questions about our line-up of compact equipment attachments and rubber tracks in Canada, call us at 416-716-5850. You could also fill out our online contact form for further details. We’ll be happy to assist you and help you find the best accessory that meets your needs.

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